June 25, 2019 at 6pm


Meet the Adevinta Engineering Team!

Hello Barcelona!

HackerX is partnering with Adevinta to introduce top software engineers in the area to their engineering team!

Join us at our offices and learn about some of the exciting new technologies we’re working with, enjoy catered food and drinks, and meet other awesome developers!



We are a global digital player, the biggest marketplace specialist in Europe.

But we are still a family of local brands – because we believe all great marketplaces are local.

The Adevinta family has digital marketplaces in 16 countries with an average of 1.5 billion
visits to our sites every month. Our brands include Leboncoin in France, InfoJobs in Spain,
Subito in Italy and Jofogás in Hungary, among many others in Europe, Latin America and
North Africa.

We have Technology Hubs in Barcelona and Paris, here we work on global projects that support our brands in a number of different ways.

  • Platform Services

Our systems are global-scale deployments of different services such as developer productivity tools, image and message processing systems, active and passive security scanning, big data and mapreduce clusters, messaging brokers, database and NoSQL backends and many more. We specifically have to support hundreds of services and hundreds of instances for our millions of consumers, using service discovery systems, autoscaling, dynamic load balancing and routing.

Scientists and engineers in our teams work to make hundreds of millions of user behaviour events from all around the world understandable for analysts and business users in the company, daily. This large data set is also one of the most diverse data sets in the world and we work with the latest data technologies (Spark, AWS services, Kafka). Tens of thousands of tasks are ran every day to handle data processing jobs at this scale.

For internal services (like delivery pipelines and build systems), we support more than a thousand developers and develop dozens of developer productivity utilities to have our developers code more with less hassle. At all times our engineers are just a git cloneaway from real code and our teams are active contributors to several public OSS projects.

  • Marketplace Components

Marketplace Components division is leading development of commonly used components of Adevinta across the world. For example Messaging, Search, Moderation, Ad Storage, Personalisation, Trusted profiles and much more.

Currently we employ more than 150 highly talented specialists within the areas of software engineering, product management, UX and big data.

Given the reach of Schibsted marketplaces, more than 250 million unique visitors per month, our components must provide massive scale, high availability and perfect user experiences.

We achieve this with a very agile approach where we leverage freedom of technology, experimentation, user research and a fail-fast mindset

We are an international division with the majority of our teams gravitated around our hubs in Paris and Barcelona. This creates an inspiring environment with a diverse culture giving us opportunity for traveling, internal mobility and working on multiple platforms serving our hundreds of millions of users every day.

In terms of technology we encourage our employees to find new ways, explore new technology and challenge what we know every day. This makes us able to select the technology that makes the most sense in every situation.

We are running our platforms primarily in the cloud leveraging the latest of cloud features as a service complemented where needed with specialised software like Cassandra, Kafka, Spark and more.

What are we building?


We follow the most modern architectural patterns, best practices, methodologies, and tools:

  • Java, Scala, Go, Python
  • Automated tests: unit, integration, compliance, stress, vulnerability scanning
  • CI, CD, TDD
  • Static code analysis tooling, development metrics dashboards, developer task automation
  • Immutable infrastructure, dynamic service discovery, load balancing, circuit breakers
  • Formal incident management approach

We employ large scale installations of multi-tenant systems employing:

  • Spark, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Prometheus, Mesos, Kubernetes, Luigi, Airflow,  Kafka and Kafka Streams
  • Spinnaker, Travis and Artifactory




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Space is limited, register today. Looking forward to seeing you on June 25th at 6pm!


Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada, 150, 08018  Barcelona, Spain