About Flexport

Flexport's mission is to bring the world free trade through technology. We are creating the logistics platform that will empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to reach markets around the world. By connecting companies of all sizes with the logistics services needed to do business globally, we make it easier than ever to buy and sell goods across borders.

“Flexport is one of those rare companies that will not merely satisfy its market, but grow it. There will be more international trade because of Flexport, and international trade is a very big thing for there to be more of.”
- Paul Graham

We are backed by some of the world's best technology investors, and have the team required to take this company all the way to IPO and beyond. Our founder created the world's largest business intelligence service for the import-export industry, while our CTO was the co-founder of Yammer ($1.2B exit to Microsoft).

We are still putting together our founding engineering team, so now is the time to join us to participate meaningfully in the upside we'll be building over the next 5-10 years together. If you are looking for an opportunity to have a real impact on the world, there is simply no better opportunity than in greasing the wheels of global commerce at Flexport.

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    Flexport Building the operating system for Global Trade!
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