About Nerdalize

A fast cloud for the next generation
Nerdalize is building a different cloud. Instead of constructing huge datacenters, we're distributing our servers over homes. Homeowners use the residual heat for hot showers and to warm their house, and we don't need to build new infrastructure. Enabling you to scale up your computations without wasting CO2 and money.

At Nerdalize, we are working hard on a sustainable alternative to current cloud solutions. Current datacenters are huge energy wasters. Combined, datacenters use up more electricity than India and generate more CO2 emissions than the airline industry.

One reason the industry is so energy intensive is that 40% of its total energy consumption on cooling to get rid of this heat. What a waste!

Nerdalize avoids the datacenter entirely by placing these heat producing servers as aided heating systems in homes. Not only do we avoid the cost and CO2 emissions of building a datacenter this way. This innovative set-up also drastically reduces the household’s gas consumption whilst slashing the energy originally needed for server cooling. Adding all those free hot showers, avoided server cooling and building emissions up, we can save up to 3 tonnes of CO2 per household per year!

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    • Posted 6 years ago