How to create an invoice on

Step-by-step guide

1. Head over to and login with the lastpass info

2. Click “Receivables” and “Invoices” to get to the Invoices page. Once you’re there click “New” on the top right hand corner to create a new Invoice

3. Click the “Customer Field” and choose “[add new]”

4. Fill out customer info including Company Name, Address, Contact Email
Don’t forget the to put your Contact email address. This is how the invoice will be emailed to the client.

5. Select payment terms of Net 15 unless otherwise agreed upon from client. This is the number of days the client has to pay. Enter in the item Name and short description of purchase item.

6. Hit send invoice once everything is set.

7. Once invoiced, please record the invoice tab on

Including company name, amount, owner, contact, email, date, event, link