Are you a highly skilled software engineer with a passion for creating great user experiences? Are you excited about building products that will be used by millions of people each year? Do you love movies? If you answered yes to all these questions, we have the perfect job for you.

Alamo Drafthouse is looking for a kick-ass software developer to help us achieve our goal of creating the best online experience in the cinema industry. As a Senior Developer, you will be responsible for developing the most difficult components of our products. We are looking for that incredibly rare combination of an egoless team player with outstanding technical expertise and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

We’re looking for someone who can help across the entire stack, from back-end to front-end. Our technical stack includes AngularJS, iOS, and Android front-ends and a Scala middleware layer that talks to a multitude of back-end systems. We use a common selection of tools for team collaboration and software automation including Slack, Git, and Jira, and we use an agile Kanban methodology for structuring releases.

The senior developer’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Own the development of a feature from architecture to coding through to testing, documentation, and deployment. Most of your effort will likely be spent on back-end components, but from time to time you may be asked to assist with the trickiest front-end components as well.
  • Work with the rest of the development team to plan releases, estimate development tasks, identify risks, and coordinate development activities so that high quality software is released on time.
  • Be a mentor to other developers on your team. Guide project team members to ensure they understand their deliverables and know the best practices for delivering them. Advise the team members on technical issues as they arise.
  • Provide hands-on development of solution components; often the most difficult development problems will fall to you.



We have high expectations at Alamo Drafthouse. As a member of a small team, you must be very self-directed, able to operate without much oversight, and know when to ask for help. The ideal candidate will have the following qualification

  • A computer science degree (or similar) from a top-notch university
  • A minimum of 7 years of previous software development and/or technical leadership experience
  • Object-oriented and/or functional design and programming experience in Scala, Java, or C#. Scala experience very highly desired. Functional design and programming experience very highly desired.
  • Front-end SPA development experience using AngularJS or similar frameworks. Angular 2 experience very highly desired.
  • Detail-oriented, able to manage a great deal of complexity and ambiguity, and able to design forward-looking solutions that anticipate future needs.
  • Complete commitment to an world-class user experience and willingness to go the extra mile to deliver it
  • A passion for excellence and a disdain for missed expectations
  • A motivated self-starter with an excellent work ethic and high energy level
  • Permanent legal right to work in the United States; we will not consider candidates that require visa sponsorship
  • Track record of being a top performer in previous positions
  • Self starter who can execute with minimal direction; Highly self-motivated and self-directed

About Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Cold beer, hot movies, and delicious snacks and meals; The Alamo Drafthouse is dinner, drinks, movies and events, all under one roof. Our attention to detail in film presentation and programming has made us a second home to movie fans all over the planet and earned accolades from the likes of Entertainment Weekly (#1 theater in America), Wired.com (Coolest Movie Theater in the World) and Fandango.com (One of the Best Theaters in the Country).

We have zero tolerance for talking or cell phone use of any kind during movies, and we aren't afraid to kick anyone rude enough to start texting their friends during a show right out of the theater. We also hate it when other movie theaters make you watch advertisements after you've already paid to see the movie, so we're vigilant about never letting ads hit our screens - we've even turned down PSAs for great causes because we don't want ANYTHING to disrupt your experience of the show. Instead of ads or mind-numbing content named after the number of minutes you have to sit through it if you get to the theater early, we create custom preshows with content themed to most of the features we program.

We also take the same care with all of our food and drink offerings, and at every Alamo location you can find a strong core of casual dining options to accompany your movie as well as menu specials updated at least every three months. Cold beer and fine wines are on the menu at every location, with an emphasis on highlighting local breweries whenever possible. Select Alamo locations feature a full bar with liquor where we theme specialty cocktails around the movies of the day.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we strive for, so in addition to maintaining the latest and greatest in projection technology so that every show features crisp, bright digital or 35mm presentations with booming surround sound, we also program repertory titles and special events you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy a break from our "no talking" policy by yelling out your favorite lines at one of our Quote-Along events. Or just enjoy slumber party classics like Dirty Dancing or Clueless back up on the big screen in an auditorium filled with like-minded fans at our monthly Girlie Night presentations.

Families can check out our low cost Kids Camp screenings, which benefit local nonprofits, or have a blast at our new release family parties.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the calendar for theaters in your market and choose a show to come visit soon. You'll immediately understand why audiences the world over consistently write to us and let us know that we've completely spoiled them and ruined other movie theaters forever.