We are looking for a savvy web developer to join the AlphaZetta team & help us enhance the platform and enrich the user experience.

AlphaZetta is a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment and encourages input from everyone so the ability to deliver and drive innovation is key.

Your educational background is less important to us than your experience, capability and competence, the ability to learn and to meaningfully contribute. We like ideas, we like creativity and we like working with people who bring both to the team.

We do have immediate priorities and where we would like you to focus and we also want your ideas and input on how best to get to where we need to be.

At its heart we need you to engage with the leadership team (and other parts of AlphaZetta) and

  • understand the targeted outcomes
  • translate to tech deliverables
  • deliver

Ideally you will be comfortable with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and the advantages of a PWA tech and design stack including:

  • Firebase
  • Polymer 2.0
  • NodeJS
  • Material Design
  • Google Cloud and APIs

From a UX perspective we can pitch in with guidance, but we need someone to own translating this into the CSS and code that fuels our app. If you have UX experience as well then we will be doubly glad to hear from you. Code is held in Bitbucket and managing the git environment will be yours.

Our team is spread around the globe with app development split between Europe and Australia so as well as working some funny hours, we use a variety of tools to engage, share information and exchange ideas. This is primarily in English and though yours need not be perfect it does need to be good enough to make this work for you and for us.

In case you wonder who we are; we are a lean startup in the data and analytics space and we are growing fast. As we progress and demands increase we want to build up our (virtual) team of smart developers and UX designers.

If that sounds like you and you want to find out more then please shoot us a profile, some examples of your work and how you think you can help and we can organise some time for a chat.

About AlphaZetta

AlphaZetta connects clients directly to the Analytic Experts, a much better way to source talent than the large high cost consulting firms. AlphaZetta is the leading global community for Independent Analytic Experts and Specialist Analytic Consultancies. All our Expert Members are deeply passionate about analytics, it’s our craft and our lifework. We operate globally, as a virtual company, and are dedicated to delivering high quality analytic consulting services without the overhead and costs of traditional consulting firms. Think of us as like 'open source'​ analytics consulting.