Meetup is looking for an API Engineer to help millions of people around the world find their people.

The Meetup API allows members and organizers to write software extensions to their local community. Photography Meetups use the API to create photo browsers tailored to their needs, large outdoor groups have built their own platform to keep their members active, and data scientists consume and analyze public Meetup’s public data streams.

In addition to the global Meetup community’s interaction with our API, over a quarter of members use our native apps to find and connect with communities that matter to them. This activity flows directly through the API platform, and you will work most closely with Meetup’s mobile team to enable richer experiences for members.

The Meetup backend is a hybrid JVM stack including Scala, Python, and Java. New API methods are implemented in Unfiltered, and as an engineer on the API team you’ll bring your ideas to life primarily in Scala.

An ideal candidate has:

  • Extensive experience programming HTTP networked systems.
  • A solid background in Scala and working knowledge of Python and Java.
  • A passion for good API design and performance.
  • Experience with relational databases and understanding of SQL.
  • Attention to detail and a feeling of pride and ownership over quality.

Our team is smart, ambitious, and supportive — above all, we are excited by what we do. While meeting regular deadlines and being focused on quick, quality completion of projects, the environment is relaxed and fun.

If the above describes you and your passions, we’d love to hear from you!