Currently we’re working with a great partner called DISCO.

Come work with AI & big data while making an impact on justice.

Think of it as the “Google for lawyers”: DISCO is an AI-enable company that has enough appreciation for technology, software engineering and law to create a suit of tools to improve legal outcomes, relying on an internal AI core and cutting-edge UX/UI.

It applies artificial intelligence to help find evidence using deep learning. It is no less than a legal search engine, capable of answering the questions lawyers ask about the evidence of a case. To make this possible…

  • The AI has to real mountains of digital files, supporting the newer and older file formats.
  • It has to process the petabytes of records into a distributed non-relational store that supports on a daily basis 160M index updates and 125M queries.
  • ML algorithms have to be asynchronously and constantly running over the data.
  • Queries themselves have to be written in a special querying language (an in-house DSL).

Some cool facts about this partner:

  • Size: 515 Github’s repositories and +8000 3rd-party dependencies.
  • Clients: big law firms and other big names like Netflix, Lyft, Uber, and McDonald’s
  • Career Path:As individual contributor (engineering/archituring roles)
  • As manager (strategic roles).

DISCO is in the top 5 AWS Lambda users and AI technologies.
They are looking for the best Senior (& above) developers:

  • React / Java devs eager to learn Kotlin.
  • 7+ years of experience as a developer
  • 5+ years of Java experience
  • 3+ years of AWS, GCP, or Azure
  • They only hire good people, highly skilled and smart guys.
  • They don’t recruit clever jerks.
  • Many of their people come from companies like Amazon or Universities like Harvard.

Who You Are:
You are a motivated and self-directed engineer who wants to deliver real business value
You help your team and peers align to the company vision and mission
You consistently leave code and projects better than you found them

DISCO believes in the power of technology and software engineering to change today’s and tomorrow’s world. Come join us and make an impact on justice!