Identity is an issue for both consumers and businesses. Consumers have lost control of their digital identities and often trade security and privacy for convenience. Businesses, on the other hand, face increasing costs and regulatory risks linked to confirming the identities of their customers and employees and managing their PII.   Currently, however, there are many problems related to Identity (security problems, accessibility problems, convenience problems). If done right, however, solving these problems will have far-reaching benefits and will work as an enabler for many more businesses in their digital transformation.

Avast is building on its strength and reach in consumer security and privacy by launching an Identity business centered on principles of Self-Sovereign Identity and cutting across consumers and businesses. It will do this by disrupting how people identify themselves, across both digital and physical domains and in both their personal and professional lives, ultimately breaking the trade-off of user friction and level of assurance.

Join our innovative team in building this business with our product, engineering, and market experts – becoming a part of creating a better future for all of us.