At Balbix, we are building a third-generation cybersecurity platform which uses deep learning and other advanced ML algorithms to help enterprise security teams proactively avoid cyber breaches.

Our product is built around data, lots of it. This is a platform that is capable of ingesting all forms of data from an enterprise. This includes data from traffic, software stack, enterprise policies, log data from infrastructure, event data from security controls among several others. This provides us with an incredibly rich dataset to transform, analyze and convert into prioritized actionable risk information.

We use our expertise in multiple disciplines from AI, machine learning, statistics and probabilistic methods to transform data into actionable intelligence for our customers.

As a Backend Lead / Architect, you will be expected to take ownership of and build a complex, scalable data storage and processing pipeline. You will need to demonstrate strong leadership and communication skills to successfully execute on the engineering priorities in an agile, high-velocity development environment. We are attracted to people who are curious, quick-learners, self-driven and take immense pride in their work.

Balbix’s workloads are varied and specialized. Our technology and architecture must adapt to the diverse needs of our data applications. The architectures we build should be able to scale to peta-bytes of data serving near real-time as well as massive batch jobs. AI is at the core of our product and we incorporate the latest advances in machine learning and data science such as graph based deep learning on enterprise networks. This requires having a breadth and depth of knowledge of database technologies:

Relational databases such as PostgreSQL
Key-Value and document store NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra
Search engine database such as ElasticSearch
Time-series databases such as InfluxDB, Druid, Prometheus.
In-memory databases
Distributed data storage and data warehousing concepts and technologies
Cloud-computing based database and storage services on various cloud providers
Security best practices and design principles

In addition to the core competency of building database and storage architectures, expertise in the following competencies are highly desired:

Web services architectures
Restful APIs
Containerized applications and scalable micro-services

Why Balbix?
Cybersecurity is hard because organizations have a massive and rapidly growing attack surface. At Balbix, we are pushing the edge of multiple technologies including big data, deep learning, AI based predictive analytics, and data driven user interfaces to provide a game-changing cybersecurity platform that helps organizations avoid breaches. Our rapidly growing set of customers range from small startups to some of the world’s largest organizations. We have received the backing and support of industry luminaries such as John Chambers, raving reviews and customer testimonials, numerous industry awards, recognition by Gartner as a Cool Vendor, and by Frost & Sullivan.

Life @ Balbix
Work life at Balbix is very rewarding! We are developing the world’s most advanced platform to address what is perhaps the most important (and hardest) technology problem facing mankind today. Our team is collaborative, fast moving and fun-loving, a combination not always seen in cutting-edge B2B startups. Working with clarity of goals in a culture of alignment and bottom-up innovation, Balbix team members see an opportunity for rapid career growth. We encourage experimenting and continuous learning, a can-do attitude, excellence and ownership. We work hard, take great pride in our work, and have loads of fun along the way!

Top Notch Benefits & Perks
Comprehensive medical, dental, vision, life insurance and long-term disability coverage for you and your family
Wellness program allowance to buy things that support your health and happiness
Flex-Time– anytime. Take time off as you need it. We appreciate good work and a good life, and know you want the same
Free lunches 3x/week, Friday happy hours, regular off-sites.
And we’re right next door to Santana Row- enjoy your time in (and out of) the office!

More information at https://www.balbix.com/join-us.