There’s five of us wo are responsible for Blendle’s frontend
The result (the best online newsstand in the world, a search engine, our own social network, and a mini bank in a single application, and 600,000 users within eighteen months) is one to be proud of, but we’re not even close to being satisfied. We’re live in Germany, and we’re about to go live in the US, too. We can’t wait.

Our frontend isn’t half bad, if we may say so ourselves, but there’s plenty to be done still. And that’s where you come in: our all-round frontender. It’s pretty tricky to explain what we do in a nutshell, so feel free to drop by for the whole story! These are the most important keywords, anyway:

  • ES6
  • React.js
  • Webpack
  • Flux
  • Sass
  • Local CSS

You’ll be working on major projects in a scrum team with designers, backenders and other frontenders. And when we say major, we mean major. For example: implementing a micropayment button on one of the largest news sites in the world, or working on a flow for redeeming gift vouchers that will be sold in thousands of stores. We regularly mix our teams (for the sake of variation), communicate through Slack, and are insanely agile at everything we do – naturally.

Oh, we hate it if stuff breaks (surprise!), so we’ve developed an elaborate set of functional tests (Cucumber, Capybara, Selenium). Pull request OK’d? With a single click we send it off to production fully automatically.

Developers tell us they didn’t apply with us, because they assumed they wouldn’t be good enough. It often turned out they underestimated themselves.

Blendle HQ has coffee, milk to make cappuccino, cold water and hot water directly from the tap as well as a bunch of fun frontenders to talk to.

[email protected] for more info.

About Blendle

Together, we're constantly working on Blendle: a platform to browse newspapers and magazines for free that is live in 3 countries right now (the Netherlands, Germany and the USA). The result (our own social network, the best online newsstand in the world, a search engine, and a mini bank wrapped into a single application plus 650,000 users) is one we're proud of, but we're far from satisfied.