How many DevOps Engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?
We don’t know 🧐 but we hope this unique joke caught your attention because we’re all waiting for a DevOps Engineer to join Breakwater Technology. So leave these lightbulbs, chickens, and elephants for someone else, here is the real challenge! If you don’t want to read the whole thing, here’s the TL;DR:

What we can promise:
– a joyful team that likes to work together
– a team that welcomes you and your ideas
– a company that recognizes culture and employees as primary ingredients for a healthy workplace, and ultimately a profitable company
– modern tech stack and tools that you are probably already comfortable with
– honesty and respect from those you work closely with

What we can’t promise:
– organised and clear engineering org (we’re growing fast)
– working hours without Slack DMs
– the ability to “cruise” (you’ll be our team’s expert, and we’ll ask a lot of you)

Hi! I’m Olev, and I’m the hiring manager for this position. First off, I’m really happy you’re interested in the job description. You’ve probably read dozens of job descriptions like this one. Yes, we’re looking for a senior DevOps engineer. The company is cool and the world will be a better place if you work here. But there actually are some things that make this job posting, and the company, different. Here they are:
– BWT is a company that is growing fast. This isn’t the unusual part. The unusual part is that, despite the growth, the company has retained its friendly and open atmosphere. We continue to treat others with compassion and optimism.
– Your team of 8 is full of excellent engineers. Some of us are just beginning our careers, while others have been in software development for 8+ years.
– We’re a healthy multicultural team and focused in equal parts on creating a sustainable infrastructure with fully automated processes and on keeping the team happy.
– Our benefits are industry leading and we value our employees offering competitive salaries and incentives.

I hope to meet you soon, and good luck!

You’ll be working on non-technical challenges e.g. how does a DevOps team work best with the engineers it serves?
You’ll be working on technical challenges e.g. implementing an intuitive, secure CI/CD system for our thousands of lines of Terraform.
You’ll be mentoring your teammates and working with managers to be better managers.
You’ll keep your ego in control.

Skills and tools we’d love to see:
Terraform + Ansible + Puppet + SchemaHero
Gitlab CI/CD
Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Jaeger, Parca, Kafdrop, Kiali
CockroachDB, PostgreSQL, Datastore

Nice to have:
Python/GoLang/NodeJS (Yeah, we are writing some automation as well)