# Job Posting: Senior Fullstack Developer
## Our Team
Are you looking to join a customer-centred team that encourages you to a take ownership over outcomes? Do you want to help us WOW our customer, so that they can WOW theirs? Then you will love Budvue Media! This is a work-from-home position and operates on Mountain Standard Time.

## Who We Are
Clickspace is an entrepreneurial organization that has incubated 12 technology companies. We are looking for individuals that are passionate about their craft and want a supportive environment in which to grow and pursue their passions.

In this position, the successful candidate will be working for the Budvue Media division of Clickspace. Budvue was founded in 2018, focusing on the cannabis market. We use our digital signage technology to offer custom-designed menu boards (think TV menus in Tim Hortons except in Cannabis Retail locations). We provide a tablet solution to allow in-store self-checkout and web-based click-and-collect or pre-paid orders. But, we’re just getting started on delivering retail innovation in this industry.

## How will you contribute?
* Migrating 1000+ Chromebits running ChromeOS and our software, to a supported platform, seamlessly and with little client involvement. Consider and test alternative hardware solutions, and devise a plan to eventually replace these devices before they fail
* Porting our middleware, frontend SDKs, and backend infrastructure written in Dart to sound null-safety, enriching the development experience and unblocking the path to creative new products
* Enhancing our ClickspaceTV digital signage app written in Flutter and Dart. Implementing advanced features such as analytics, remote control, and connectivity indicators. Port this app to other platforms, including as a Progressive Web App
* Assist the DevOps Developer to separate parts of our monolithic database to help significantly reduce costs, ensure maximum availability and optimize data transfer for speed and costs
* Continuously coming up with creative and innovative solutions to the most common support requests and other existential threats, so that we no longer “live with them,” but are empowered to deliver to our clients a consistent, high-quality suite of products
* Innovate and continuously adjust course in the way we do development, making the lives of our developers and our entire staff more efficient. This includes setting up various systems such as perfecting our Build Pipelines, implementing CI and CD, defining our coding style and standards

## Sound Like You?
* *Experience*: You have 10+ years of software development experience across the entire stack: frontend client applications, backend infrastructure, the database, mobile apps, and cloud infrastructure
* *Expertise*: You have a deep understanding of various computer languages, platforms, and tools, and can effective at new things quickly
* *Flutter*: It doesn’t have to be what we use forever, but today, this is where most our apps run
* *Candidness*: you openly discuss problems and raises questions
* *Persistence*: You are tenacious, persevering, and oriented toward the long-term; you bounce back easily and are emotionally objective
* *Creativity*: You are innovative on the job
* *Being a self-starter*: You do not need others to organize your projects

## Benefits
* Earn between $90,000 and $102,000 salary
* Medical, Dental and vision insurance for you and dependents through ManuLife
* Three weeks vacation your first year
* Eligible to participate in our employee profit sharing program