When you see an image of a building before it has been built, watch an ad for a car on TV, or see a shot of some new product, you are probably looking at a 3D rendering and not a photograph and there is a good chance that it was created using Chaos Corona (formerly known as Corona Renderer).

We deal primarily with application programming and our teams focus not only on rendering (plugins for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, and a Standalone application) but also on tools that facilitate the work of 3D Software users (our Scatter plugin). What started as one man’s bachelor thesis gradually led to a unique Czech company called Chaos Czech, and then to today’s close association with Chaos / V-Ray.

Your responsibilities:

  • Design and implementation of the architecture for the Chaos Corona for 3ds Max.
  • Technical and product leadership of the team working on the development of Chaos Corona for 3ds Max.
  • Managing and overseeing the 3ds Max development team (including days off approvals, conducting team meetings and performance reviews, bonuses and salary decision making, etc.)
  • Organization, planning, and evaluation of the Chaos Corona for 3ds Max development.
  • Releasing new commercial versions, daily builds, test versions, and release candidates of Chaos Corona for 3ds Max and associated technical release management.
  • Coordination with other development teams, QA, Support, etc.
  • Communication with users of Chaos Corona for 3ds Max, handling their suggestions and complaints, fixing bugs and deficiencies in Chaos Corona for 3ds Max.
  • Last but not least, coding itself :)

We expect:

  • Experience in leading a team or willingness to learn it.
  • Knowledge of IT methodologies (agile, kanban).
  • Good C++ skills, and fluency in modern C++.

We work with:

  • Cutting edge C++ standard (C++20) with (usually) latest MSVC and Clang.
  • Visual Studio, XCode, CLion, QtCreator IDE. We give our developers a free hand in choosing their tools but the development itself is done primarily on Windows.
  • A common practice of development and QA – code reviews, unit tests, and automated rendering tests.
  • Host applications SDKs, Qt (only for GUI), and other multi-platform frameworks.
  • High-performance libraries such as Intel Embree and Open Image Denoise. We also occasionally cooperate with Intel on the development of these libraries.
  • Automation/workflow tools such as git, CMake, and Python.
  • In-house tools we developed to fix weak points of the C++ ecosystem.

We offer:

  • Full-time job (although part-time for 30+ hours/week is also available).
  • Working on software that users love and that has a global-scale impact (product visualization, AAA movies, TV ads, architecture, …) and association with Oscar-winning application V-Ray.
  • Working with a single highly maintained codebase instead of an endless row of single-use projects.
  • Challenging tasks from research to application programming, including performance and memory optimizations, as well as the possibility to specialize as an Internal Tool Developer (C++/Python). You don’t have to be a qualified computer graphics engineer though.
  • No third-party dictated requirements, software architecture, and deadlines.
  • Team small enough to give individual members space for creativity.
  • Quick product feedback from our enthusiastic user community.
  • Learning from experienced developers and researchers (e.g. Pixar).
  • Growth within the company, internal seminars, and conferences. Possibility to move from one team to another one.
  • Participating in technology transfer, suggesting ideas, and providing feedback during integrations with the parent company Chaos.
  • Bonus twice a year based on your work performance.
  • Salary based on skills.
  • We work from our office in the center of Prague (Karlovo náměstí) and we would love you to join us there. Remote cooperation is applicable only in some cases.
  • We provide sick days and extra vacation days which are based on the length of the employment agreement.
  • We also offer occasional company lunches, relax room and small fitness room, a home office, and face-to-face or online team buildings (e.g. laser game, carts, picnics, various challenges…). We are also parent-friendly – we will understand if you unexpectedly need to stay at home with your little one(s).

If you believe that you are a good match for the job, please send us your CV and a short cover letter to [email protected]. If you also have a project with source code that we could take a look at, we would be even happier. We prefer C++, but we will tackle other programming languages as well.