About us

Codecool is a growing network of international coding schools in the EU. Our mission is to reinvent IT education and solve the ever growing IT talent gap of companies by giving coding careers for a wide range of people. Codecool is already present in 4 countries (Hungary, Poland, Romania & Austria). We changed the lives of more than 2000 students through coding by providing trainings and jobs for them.


Your role

We are currently looking for mentors working from home: you would be joining our online courses. You will work closely with our local short course manager and keep in touch with other mentors working on our variety of offline and online courses.

Your tasks

👉Conducts trainings and workshops based on our methodology and  training materials

👉Answers students’ questions and guides them during their journey

👉Conducts consultations with students and gives feedback on a regular basis

👉Keep/enforces rules and schedules for students

👉Handles student edge cases

👉Performs basic administrative tasks related to the course

👉Conducts exams

👉Guides junior mentor colleagues


Our ideal candidate

✔️40 hours/week between 9am – 5pm to support our students

✔️has at least 3 years of hands-on experience with

✅Latest ECMA Standards

✅OOP and HOFs in JavaScript

✅React.js (or other Modern JavaScript framework/library

✅Node.js, Express.js


✅Optional: Docker, Github Actions

✔️can drive meetings if the need arise and coordinate with multiple interested parties

✔️speaks fluent Hungarian and English

✔️believes in practice-oriented, project-based learning

✔️understands the difference between teaching and mentoring

✔️is positive and patient

✔️loves to learn and grow

✔️can be new to mentoring: no previous teaching experience is required


Why is it great to work with us?

💫You will receive a software engineer salary while working as a mentor

💫You will work with great, open-minded people, who are here for the same reason: make an impact on others lives and help them to become a programmer!

💫You will work fully remote – but we have a great office in the heart of Budapest if you prefer to meet with the colleagues

💫You will be working in a company where flexibility, freedom, ownership are not just meaningless values on the wall – we are living these values every day!

💫We work hard & play hard: in Codecool we work four days every second week

💫We are a flat organization, if you have an idea and the motivation to make it happen, there is no bureaucracy that stops you, it will happen!