# Job summary
We are looking for a experienced frontend engineer to develop our Saas application ‘CrowdLog’.
CrowdLog has been developed for around 10 years, and we want to proceed with replacing old codebase with React.js x typescript.
Since the modernized frontend codebase is still in initial phase, the engineer is expected to develop the robustness and extendability of frontend architecture.

This role requires good understanding of modern frontend development mostly for architecturing frontend codebase.
Also, the engineer will be responsible for following work as well:
– Handle and manage development project
– Develop internal design system while communicating with designer

# Basic qualitifcations
Frontend development experience with React.js or another component-oriented framework.
3+ years of experience in software development.
Having experience in leading frontend development.

# Preferred qualifications
Experience with writing and organizing frontend test codes.
Experience with developing design system.
Experience with managing development in cooperation with product team.