DayZz is looking for an experienced frontend developer.

Technical Requirements

At least 3 years experience in React.js or React-Native

Deep knowledge in software architecture design and REST API.

Experience with Testing Frameworks an advantage

Who are we looking for?

A creative person who knows how to express themselves

Experienced with working hand-in-hand with the product and design teams

User-oriented and understanding of basic UX principles

What do we do at the DayZz development team?

Developing new features in web applications with complex data-heavy layouts.

Developing top-notch React-Native customer experience

Integrating with 3rd party services such as Firebase and similar cloud services

Integrating with external wearables and accessories

Our vision

We believe sleep is the largest missing piece in healthcare, and we’re here to fix it. Our goal is to improve everyone’s health and overall quality of life, while simultaneously lowering the costs resulting from poor sleep incurred by employers, payers, and providers.