Company Description
Devexperts has been working for nearly two decades consulting and developing for the financial industry.  We solve complex technological challenges facing the most well-respected financial institutions worldwide.

By becoming a part of Devexperts, you’ll become a part of a company that fosters self-improvement and actively seeks out-of-the-box ideas. Our teams work together to create the next generation of financial software solutions. We welcome all candidates who believe, as we do, that innovation is grounded in education.

Job Description

What we have:

New and ongoing projects based on our platform — dxTrade. It’s an Order Management System and due to a complexity of finance world, each project is different and pushes the platform towards to evolution. The OMS backend is responsible for all business processes related to trading: order issuing, validation, routing, execution, option price calculations, reconciliation, etc. High performance, low-latency and fault tolerance is our daily job.

We strive for code quality via careful code reviews and various types of testing. Fear of change is eliminated by a high test coverage. More than 70% in average and 90% on critical parts.

Teams co-exist in a Scrum/Kanban environment backed by Atlassian suite, Slack, TeamCity, Sonar, Docker, etc.

Most project teams are multi-cultural and distributed, usually consist of 3-7 BE engineers balanced by QAs, FEs, BAs and others.

Common used technologies are:

  • Java 11+, Collections, Streams, Threads, Concurrency
  • Spring, AspectJ, Kotlin
  • JUnit5, Mockito
  • Docker, PostreSQL, Liquibase, Prometheus, ELK.

What we expect from you:

  • passion to code in Java
  • good knowledge and experience in Java (J2SE) platform, at least basic understanding of what’s happening under the hood: threads, collections, streams, memory, garbage collector
  • knowledge of basic computer science data structures, algorithms and their complexities
  • readiness to have careful, blameless code reviews and constantly increase your code quality
  • willingness to deal with performance analysis to detect and fix multi-threading issues
  • ability to work on sophisticated business domain together with experienced teammates
  • readiness to dive into complicated business requirements of finance world
  • knowing concepts of relational database design, SQL
  • B2+ English

What makes us happier:

  • trading and capital markets background
  • concurrent programming hands on experience and understanding of thread synchronisation approaches
  • understanding relational DB internals, indexes, locks
  • experience in debugging heap and thread-dumps
  • familiarity with code profiling by appropriate tools (YourKit, JProfiler, Visual VM)
  • experience in development of distributed systems, operating under requirements of performance and reliability
  • experience in high-performance and reliable distributed systems
  • strong Unix/Linux knowledge

Additional Information
Devexperts employees create the art of FinTech in comfortable working spaces located in modern business centers around the world. Join our team in and enjoy:

  • flexible schedules
  • meal vouchers provided
  • snacks and beverages always available
  • modern well-equipped office in the R&D scientific area