Company Description
Devexperts has been working for nearly two decades consulting and developing for the financial industry.  We solve complex technological challenges facing the most well-respected financial institutions worldwide.

By becoming a part of Devexperts, you’ll become a part of a company that fosters self-improvement and actively seeks out-of-the-box ideas. Our teams work together to create the next generation of financial software solutions. We welcome all candidates who believe, as we do, that innovation is grounded in education.

Job Description

What we have:

  • One of the best trading platforms in the USA, serving more than 200k online users each day working over desktops, mobile and web.
  • Platform backend services are responsible for all business processes related to trading: order issuing, validation, routing, execution, option price calculation, reconciliation, etc. High performance, low-latency and fault tolerance is our daily job. We strive for code quality performing careful code reviews and various types of testing.
  • Teams co-exist in a Scrum/Kanban environment backed by Atlassian suite, Slack, TeamCity, Sonar, Docker, etc.
  • Teams are multi-cultural and distributed, consisting of 3-7 BE engineers balanced by QAs, FEs, BAs and others.

Major parts of our stack:

  • Java 11+, Collections, Streams, Threads, Concurrency
  • Spring, JUnit5, AssertJ, Mockito
  • Docker, PostgreSQL, Liquibase, Splunk
  • Qualifications

What we expect from you:
We’re open to enthusiastic minds who are ready to demonstrate their powers via live-coding by solving Java leetcode-like tasks during an interview.

Come to join us if you have:

  •  passion to code
  • readiness to learn and develop by producing regular results
  • B1+ English

What makes us happier:

  • knowledge of basic data structures, algorithms and their complexities
  • Spring or other professional Java experience
  • any database experience, relational DB is preferred
  • trading and capital markets background
  • readiness to develop more in computer science rather than frameworks