About Your Role:

We are looking for a Front-End Developer with a demonstrated track record of innovative thinking, technical excellence, and peer collaboration. You will work on the team responsible for improving and expanding the component-based framework upon which all our verticals are based. As such, you will influence technical direction for multiple teams, and serve as the subject-matter expert for shared functionality.

About Your Contributions:

Assess the needs of other development teams and craft solutions that can be implemented, extended, and referenced as examples.
Review code submissions from other teams with an eye towards maintaining a high-quality shared codebase.
Research new technologies to solve problems and improve existing systems.
Participate in conversations about the design and architecture of our web platform.
About You:

4+ years in a front-end web development position
High levels of skill with HTML, CSS and Javascript
The ideal candidate will have experience working with a component-based front-end framework, particularly one with a server-side templating aspect (e.g., Apache Tiles, Vue+Nuxt, React+Next).  Candidates without this should have significant experience with at least one server-side templating language (e.g., JSP, FTL, Handlebars, ERB)
Familiarity with at least one server-side MVC framework (e.g., Spring, Django, Rails, Express)
A desire to build tools for other developers