At Dreamdata we are fixing the broken world of B2B sales and marketing. Our technology provides transparency and enables insights into the sales and marketing efforts that work and those that don’t. Our customers have complex data and we make it meaningful.

About Dreamdata

  • We are a well-funded startup founded in 2018
  • We are an experienced team combining marketing, tech, and product skills from two successful Danish growth companies.
  • We love building products in close collaboration with users and customers
  • We help B2B companies understand their revenue data


  • You will join a young company and get to work very closely with both data engineers, data scientists, and the rest of our full-stack engineers
  • You will be part of a cross-functional product team where you work side by side with UX Designer and the Product Manager to build a product that significantly impacts our customers’ business.
  • You will work in the team which is responsible for building our web application that enables our customers to understand complex data in a simple way.
  • You will work on building APIs as well as the analytics SDK our customers use to track and analyze their users on the platform we are building.
  • The team is responsible for our web application and your skills will impact technology, UX, product, and design choices.
  • You will build and iterate our product in short iterations and ship to production all the time.


  • You are pragmatic – understand that great product happens in the cross-section between product, technology, and UX
  • You love simple – you make complicated things simple
  • You like numbers – a lot of what we do is present numbers in a meaningful way to our users
  • You believe in pragmatic iterations and working with the tools that are possible and make sense
  • You are already a skilled javascript developer and have likely spent significant time building NodeJS and ReactJS applications. You master HTML and CSS.
  • If you have spent time with any JS chart framework such as D3.js, HighCharts or Google Charts it is a big plus.
  • You know your way around REST APIs both as constructor and consumer.
  • As we work with huge amounts of data, experience with complex queries and databases such as Google BigQuery (or alternatives AWS Redshift or Snowflake) is preferred – if you are a little rusty, we will teach you what you need to know.
  • You have worked with cloud applications before and might even have experience with Google Cloud Platform.
  • You enjoy learning new technologies as we use the latest and greatest. Take a look at our Stackshare profile for the full list.
  • You know what component composition is, how to handle complex UI state, and e.g. the difference between short term and long term state. We use Redux right now and we will be switching to Redux Toolkit in the near future
  • You value composition over inheritance, pure functions (Components) and you like to build your UI’s as you’d play with LEGO
  • You have worked with tools like Storybook before and you understand the importance of stable core library, a design system and a bridge between technical and design teams
  • You have a pragmatic approach when designing API’s and you understand the importance of satisfying the API consumer in order to minimize the complexities in the UI
  • You see details everywhere and appreciate the importance of uniformity and consistency
  • You are self-driven, autonomous and happy to suggest and improve things outside of regular tasks. We value great discussions, and like to challenge each other when it comes to any technical decisions and the paths we want to take.


  • Grow your career by working with the latest technologies, at a pioneering company, and with the most experienced tech-industry leaders in Copenhagen.
  • Nice salary and equity for the right candidate
  • Healthy lunch at the office every day
  • Great office location in the heart of Copenhagen