DUST Identity provides security, integrity, and traceability to the world’s supply chains. DUST, or Diamond Unclonable Security Tag, uses diamond particles as unique and unclonable markers on individual items. Think of a barcode, but invisible, unfalsifiable, and made with diamonds! With DUST, customers can ensure that every physical object — whether an airplane part, microprocessor, or priceless work of art — is verified, authenticated, and ultimately, trusted.

DUST Identity is a fast-growing venture-backed startup at the intersection of innovations in materials, hardware, and software. DUST Identity is looking for new team members who are eager to take on the challenge of building the industry standard for physical object identification and security.

Our software offerings include a cloud service available in public and on-premises infrastructure, embedded software, machine learning, and image processing. Our technology has the potential of becoming a catalyst in the modernization of supply chain and manufacturing by enabling the transition of these industries from analog or hybrid solutions to fully digital workflows. We are passionate about delivering delightful user experiences for the wide range of our users, including developers, that include developers who integrate our platform to broader ecosystems and our end-users who leverage our UI directly.

We’re looking for a technically strong engineer to make an impact on our applications team. You will be building excellent web and mobile SaaS applications that provide users with the tools to interact with the digital thread in a manner consistent with the business rules of the target domain as well as APIs and SDKs for custom application development.