Are you a Linux expert? Our company, DYL, has a position open for a talented operations engineer.

Can you do DevOps in your sleep? We’d like to talk to you. DYL is a business-to-business software company based in Marina del Rey, CA. We develop telecommunications and business management software. This position would be responsible for working with developers to support their infrastructure and release new versions of our applications. This position would also be responsible for managing data security, and operational resiliency. This position would be part of our software development pipeline and would work with other engineers to build, test and release new code. This position is system administration focused however a background in programming is highly recommended.

What is it like to work at DYL? First, this position requires working from our Marina del Rey office. Please make sure you are able to realistically commute to our office before you apply. DYL maintains a friendly and fun work environment. We are all geeks here and we like to work with the most advanced technology. We are looking for career employees who want to make a substantial professional contribution to our business and grow with the company. DYL has 8-years of business track record as a leader in our industry, including making the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

Skills Required:

  • Substantial Linux system administration
  • Auto-configuration with Ansible, Puppet or Chef
  • Experience with virtualization environments
  • Experience operating databases such as MySQL or Postgresql
  • Strong understanding of data security