About us:

e2f is a leading innovator in data and language operations providing highly customizable tech solutions for digital content. Today’s global marketplace has brought the demand for e2f’s services to an all-time high, and the company helps hundreds of clients cater their businesses to a worldwide audience. e2f has a presence on five continents worldwide, providing high-quality, data and content services in hundreds of languages.


In order to satisfy our client needs, e2f developed a web application software dedicated to AI data production including many different features: Data annotation, transcription, audio segmentation, etc. The size of the team has grown from two developers to twenty in the space of just three years. In order to support that growth we are looking for a backend engineer to join our development team.


-Write effective, scalable code
-Develop backend microservices
-Write unit tests
-Improve functionality of existing systems and write new ones
-Estimate feature-development time

Required skills:

-3+ years of experience in the role
-Strong proficiency with Python 3.7+
-Strong knowledge of OOP and Design patterns
-Experience with web frameworks: FastAPI, Flask
-Testing experience: unit tests, pytest
-Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
-Experience with Docker, knowledge of standard *nix utilities
-Understanding of SQL/NoSQL databases (Postgres, DynamoDB, MongoDB)
-Having experiences with AWS stack: S3, EC2, Lambda, SNS, SQS …etc
-Excellent spoken English
-Good communication skills