Each year Egencia helps thousands of companies in over 60 markets better manage their travel programs. We provide modern solutions and exceptional service to millions of travelers as they plan, take and complete every business trip.  We deliver bottom-line savings to our clients and support the needs of the modern business traveler.

Unique in the market, we operate like an agile and entrepreneurial start-up but we are backed by one of the world’s largest travel groups Expedia Inc.

Our Research and Development team are based out of our European HQ, a short walk from Gare de La Défense. We have 7 sub-divisions within the global development team split across Norway and USA. In La Défense, our R&D division are positioned on the same floor, giving the several teams the luxury of being in close proximity to industry experts. The layout also creates visibility meaning hard work and achievements are recognized by senior management.

Egencia has the capacity and vision, allowing the ambitious to prosper, developing their career within this intimate technology company. Each year, our team has the opportunity to participate to the Devoxx Paris event for instance.


As a Full Stack Software Development Engineer you will join the innovative Travel & Expense team.

Using cutting-edge technologies, you will connect our booking platform to the leading Expense providers. Your experience will contribute to the development and creation of software as REST Microservices.

Work you’re doing :

Designs and develops software application components as well as automated tests.
Drives technical implementation at the application/product level for small to very large projects spanning over years.
Feels comfortable working daily with these methodologies:Agile, TDD, BDD.

You will evolve using leading-edge development technologies such as: hexagonal Architecture, Domain Driven Design, Event Storming, and Software Craftsmanship.

Technical environment:

Java 8
Spring (Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Core…)
Mongo DB
Profile :

We are looking for an experimented Java Developer with at least 3 years professional experience.

The innovation is your creed, keen on technology watch, you are eager to increase your productivity using tools such as ChatOps! An engineering degree (or equivalent) and a fluent English are required to join our technological teams!

Knowledge in Javascript and Front – End Development are a plus for your application.

Who are we?

We believe in being Different. We seek new ideas, different ways of thinking, diverse backgrounds and approaches, because averages can lie and sameness is dangerous. Because of this belief, our norms aren’t rules or universal at all corners of our company. But they are important to our identity and how we work together. Like our company, these norms will evolve.

We are Transparent. We communicate openly and honestly, at all levels, upwards, sideways and downwards. We surface difficult issues quickly, we act, we learn.

We organize for Speed. We seek to gather data as fast as possible, and move. Speed allows us to make mistakes and constantly improve.

We believe in the Scientific Method. Everyone’s ideas are equal in the face of hard data. We use data to guide but not define our actions.

We Lead Humbly. Our leaders serve their teams. None of us has all of the answers, but we are curious and we are always looking to learn. Though our leaders take their responsibilities to our businessand their teams incredibly seriously, they never take themselves too seriously.

We act as One Team. We look to optimize for the greater good, not just our own, or even our own teams’ interests. We are actively interested in the success of others.

About Egencia (Expedia Group)

Egencia makes every business trip count for travelers and travel managers. The travel management company’s industry-leading technology platform simplifies the process of planning, booking and managing business travel.

Relying on timely, data-driven insights from Egencia, businesses stay one step ahead by making choices that align with traveler preference and corporate policy. A dedicated team of travel consultants is ready to assist every step of the way, whenever and wherever needed.