Are you a master when it comes to breaking software? Can you crank out a suite of automated tests that catch all the most critical bugs, while still doing just the right amount of manual testing? We are looking for a QA engineer who is equally at ease testing web UI, finding bugs in a RESTful API, and catching unexpected sensor errors from an embedded device. You should be detail-oriented enough to catch a few extra pixels of whitespace, but understand the big picture well enough to spend your time where it matters most. This isn’t your first rodeo: you can apply SQA best practices and ensure outstanding product quality for our entire product line.

If you thrive on creative problem solving and know what to do in these situations, we would love to hear from you.

  • The team is scheduled to deliver a big new user-facing feature by the end of the week, but no automated tests have been written yet. Where to start?
  • You have a fleet of 100 test devices in various locations, some of which are frequently dropping their Wi-Fi connections. Your team needs help to figure out why some devices are performing better than others.
  • You come in to work in the morning and notice that a slew of new front end bugs have appeared overnight, even though the developers didn’t deploy any new code. You need to figure out what happened and how to prevent it from happening again.
  • You notice filesystem corruption on 3 of the 20 embedded devices you are testing after running for more than a month. The firmware engineer asks you for help reproducing the bug.

We’re guessing you:

  • Have 5+ years experience
  • Are expert with Selenium
  • Understand cross browser/platform testing
  • Have worked with embedded devices before
  • Have all the following testing tools in your toolbox: functional, usability, regression, performance, compatibility, integration, regression, system

Bonus points for:

  • Experience with Ruby/Rails, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of serial communications, BLE, or Wi-Fi
  • A background in security testing
  • Enterprise networking skills

About Elemental Machines

Elemental Machines develops the Sensory Network™ that gives laboratory managers, research scientists and production managers unprecedented insight into complex processes. By gathering and synthesizing environmental data into actionable information, the Elemental Machines Sensory Network provides critical insights that improve repeatability and outcomes, saving time and money.

Our customers are addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges – curing diseases, developing revolutionary therapies, and producing innovative food sources to feed a growing global population. Elemental Machines is supporting their work – from R&D through manufacturing – with an innovative platform that monitors the lab and production environment, including critical equipment, to illustrate the impact of otherwise invisible variables.

Simply put, Elemental Machines is revolutionizing the information that teams in chemistry and biology-based environments can use to improve productivity and outcomes. With Elemental Machines, insights drive advantage.