We are looking for Java Enterprise Edition Lead Developers/Architects to join this new project. The role will be based in our Campus in Athlone and you will work as part of a feature team, developing in a full agile process using Scrum methodology.


The job will involve leading a team of Java Developers building Scalable, highly-available Management features for 3G and 4G Networks. Working in an Agile manner, you will drive the implementation of customer features using Java EE.

Very good hands-on knowledge of JEE environment (at least JEE5. JEE6 is preferred)

Hands-on experience with EJB 3.x (SLSB, MDB, SFSB) and JMS in general. Practical knowledge of best coding/design practices and patterns, optimizations, scaling and clustering

Hands-on experience with clustering in JEE environments, HA, replication and scale-out of backend JEE components

Hands-on experience with at least one major JEE application server is required (JBoss is an advantage). Basic configuration and administration, deployment and optimization.

  • Experience with distributed caching (Coherence, Infinispan) and other NoSQL systems
  • Experience with REST and/or SOA
  • Experience with workflow engines and business rules engines/CEP engines
  • Knowledge of JMX, RMI, JCA, JPA, JTA, SQL, JEE security
  • Knowledge of web GUI technologies (especially GWT) would be considered an advantage
  • Basic Linux/Unix knowledge

The following certifications are desirable:

  • Sun/Oracle Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA)
  • Sun/Oracle Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD)
  • Sun/Oracle Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD)
  • Sun/Oracle Certified Master Java SE 6 Developer
  • Sun/Oracle Certified Programmer Professional

For more information, or to apply, please visit www.ericsson.com/careers, or email your CV to [email protected]

About Ericsson

Ericsson Athlone is responsible for creating the world class software systems which allow mobile operators manage, optimize and analyze their networks.


The Ericsson Software Campus in Athlone has over 700 Engineers onsite and is the OSS (Operator Support System) headquarters within Ericsson globally and the main development centre for OSS and OSS RC Product lines. The OSS is the global market leader in mobile telecoms network management. The OSS system is delivered into 320 operators in 150 countries and manages over 1 Billion subscribers.

We have recently started a new project which will be the next generation of the Ericsson OSS offerings. This new deployment is being developed in cutting edge JEE technologies, with a web based front end being developed in HTML5 and CSS3.


Here is a video of the Ericsson Software Campus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiyVS5_-Eg0