The Position:

To drive our future growth, we need to dramatically scale our existing platform. Ethoca’s growth is explosive, and only great problem-solvers, collaborators, and thinkers can help us take it to the next level. We want to hire leaders that are eager to have influence on scaling processes, people, and technology.  In today’s modern working environment we fully support a flexible model allowing employees the choice to work from home or the office.

We believe in decoupled, message-driven, and distributed systems.  We strive to keep codebases small and manageable.  We are interested in reactive design patterns that will make our systems more resilient and responsive yet remain elastic to change.  As we proceed through our technology roadmap, we are evaluating new community endorsed technologies for every tier of our platform.  Our backend tiers are presently JVM-based.  We are using or considering technologies like Spring Boot 2.4, Angular 12, Bootstrap, REST, Chef, Terraform, Azure, CosmosDB, PostgreSQL and so on.

Your Challenge:

·       Work as a member of an agile team to design, build, test, and deploy new products and features

·       Push for better Development Practices, better Code, better Solutions

·       Not afraid to speak your mind about software design and handle constructive feedback on ideas

·       Thrive in a highly collaborative company environment where agility is paramount

·       Produce high quality code while employing community accepted testing principles, best practices, and tooling

What You Bring:

·       Solid understanding and working knowledge of OOP, Java, JVM, and Spring ecosystem

·       Experience building and managing REST APIs

·       Experience crafting single page applications (SPA’s) as well as distributed systems using Java, Spring and Angular

·       Knowledge of Continuous Integration & Delivery principles with an eye for automation and IaC

·       Experience building distributed data platforms with high availability concerns and are easily horizontally scaled

·       Not afraid to speak your mind about software design and on the flip side handle any criticism of your ideas with grace

·       Stay up-to-date with new web technologies on the front-end and server-side through self-study, blogs, meetups, conferences, etc.

·       Always have quality in mind and you employ community accepted testing principles, best practices, and tooling