We are looking for a self-motivated software developer with a keen eye for UI design and user experience to join our R&D team. We want someone who understands that clarity and attention to detail are paramount when designing a product’s user experience.

In this position, you will be working within a dynamic team of user interface and system developers on real-time live media solutions. You will join us in applying the latest developments in machine learning, scalable distributed systems, cloud computing and other cutting edge technologies to a wide range of fast-paced live productions. You won’t simply be making good looking products; you will be solving real world problems for our customers.

Technical Experience

Your work will mainly involve working with C, C++, JavaScript and Python, so experience with some or all of those is ideal, including a strong knowledge of Object-oriented design patterns. Any previous experience with desktop and mobile UI and graphics technologies such as OpenGL, CUDA, Qt/QML, iOS or Android would be beneficial.

Other valuable skills include a strong grasp of UDP, TCP/IP, parallel programming, distributed systems and machine learning, along with familiarity working and developing within a Linux environment.

You will be working alongside a strong, supportive team that prides itself on creating solutions both quickly and effectively. Your design and coding style should be pragmatic, yet easy to adapt in response to team and customer feedback.

Personal Skills

Working at Evertz entails fast-paced, iterative development of industry-leading products and technology. As such, candidates must be able to learn quickly, work independently and have strong interpersonal and problem solving skills.