We’re looking for a Systems Engineer / SRE who has:

  • Solid Linux background
  • Strong ops skills and mindset
  • Knowledge/interest in Kubernetes
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL technologies
  • Good coding/scripting knowledge and skills
  • Understanding of networking tech
  • Background of working in modern development organization.

Technologies that we use:

  • Kubernetes @ on-prem & AWS
  • Linux (with small Windows presence)
  • Python, Golang
  • Kafka, Cassandra, Clickhouse, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Hadoop
  • KVM, ESXi, Hyper-V
  • Ansible, Rundeck
  • Prometheus, InfluxDB, Grafana
  • Jenkins, GitLab
  • Kafka & ELK clusters
  • Nginx, Haproxy, BIG-IP F5
  • BareOS
  • AWS services
  • Jaeger
  • Opsgenie, Slack

We are:

  • Running large (and growing) geo-distributed production environment
  • Running growing (in numbers and size) clusters of mostly non-relational data systems
  • Running Kubernetes on-prem and in the public cloud
  • Running CI/CD stack enabling true continuous delivery for all the development teams
  • Automating/coding and finding a way of applying best software engineering practices to the systems engineering field;
    Offering to work on truly interesting technical challenges


We offer:

  • Entrepreneur culture of the company, which allows you to try new approaches and technologies all the time
  • Recognition from the business that translates to very competitive salaries and a supportive attitude
  • Being a part of an international team in a successful, publicly traded company
  • Health insurance, contemporary office environment, tech conference attendance, training and other benefits and perks