Who You Are

You have built and helped maintain large scale front-end web applications before. You don’t just code, you conquer challenges. You understand how to work with other developers toward dissecting complex technical problems and quickly delivering elegant solutions. You’ve learned through experience that complex problems can have simple solutions. You understand and perform well in fast-paced, dynamic environments. The thought of being trapped in a big company where you can’t make huge individual contributions terrifies you.

About the Role

As a critical member of our small but effective front-end team, you will be bringing fresh ideas to the table while also improving existing features that our users already love. We use modern single page web architecture and you’ll be expected to keep up with much more than just html and jQuery.

Tasks You’ll Be Juggling

Wrangling the complexities of web architecture by architecting a robust, high performing, and maintainable codebase
Efficiently translating user design requirements into code that ships
Understanding how to build and help maintain large scale front-end applications
Your success in this role will be measured by FarmLogs’ ability to achieve its strategic objectives, your ability to play a serious role in that success, and your fit within our fast-paced result-driven culture

Your Creds

While we care more about your general talent, adaptability and cultural fit, we are seeking these technical skills:

6+ years of professional engineering experience
Demonstrated ability to mentor and coach other engineers
Strong technical background in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
Experience implementing new features and optimizing existing ones
Technical depth that allows you to rapidly fix bugs and solve problems
Experience working across a variety of teams (product management, designers, and backend engineers)
Strong belief in encapsulated UI code
Detailed approach to writing tests and quality assurance
Knowledge of core CS concepts (common data structures, algorithms, profiling/optimization)
Experience with modern JavaScript libraries and tooling
Awareness of Cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations
Nice to have

Experience with:
Grew up on or have a connection to a farm
Have already worked in or started a startup

About FarmLogs

Who We Are
Our mission is to invent the future of farming. We're transforming the oldest and most important industry in the world from “gut instinct” to data science. Our platform already exposes critical operational data insights to over 1 in 3 U.S. farms and our users absolutely love us.