We have a platform that helps banking institutions and government regulators catch the fraudsters that affect the global economy.

We are looking for C# developers to join our development team in order to grow together as people and as professionals.

We pride ourselves in doing modern software development with modern tools and processes and also on continuously improving (at a varying pace, we must admit) in all areas.

We look for people with broad interests and a focus on solving problems and understanding that languages or technologies can be interchanged in most situations and are not really the goal, but the means.

If this sounds interesting, please keep on reading, we would love to meet you.


A developer in the team adds features, fixes bugs and builds unit and integration tests. The developer also participates in the maintenance of environments both locally and in the cloud all the while following our – currently Kanban based – development process.


  • Willingness to learn and to teach (the most important requirement)
  • Knowledge of any OO language, although C# is a plus. We will teach you if you don’t know it.
  • SQL knowledge, no matter which flavor you know. We will teach you whatever else is necessary about data storage, but you need to understand the relational model.
  • Communication and people skills.
  • Interest in problem solving.
  • Good time management.
  • English command: We do standups in English, write all stories and documentation in English and the communication with our customers mostly happen in English as well. We don’t require a C level but you need to be able to communicate, in writing and in speech.


  • You have experience with any VCS, ideally distributed (git, hg)
  • Experience as DevOps, if you don’t have any, we will teach you what you need to know, you only have to put the interest.
  • You know and apply SOLID principles, ideally having experience working with Unity (not the 3D engine, the dependency injection framework).
  • You have unit tested your code.
  • You have availability to work abroad temporarily.

Our offer

  • Well remunerated
  • Full-time job, permanent contract
  • Training
  • Teleworking
  • Sports activities
  • A great environment to grow while having fun
  • With us, you can get into the world of unstructured data processing and learn about how big enterprises work from outside and, for short periods (like proof of concepts or deployments) from inside

About Fonetic

What we do
Since 2006, Fonetic builds software solutions to help companies to better understand their communications, either it’s between companies and clients or internal environments, such as the trading floor.

Our employees are our strongest asset. We work in an international, collaborative and positive environment and cares about employees’ careers and personal and job development.

The development team is composed of software developers, speech scientists, machine learning experts and computational linguists with deep domain knowledge. Fonetic's solutions are continuously expanding and deployed all over the world. We have offices in Madrid, London, New York and Melbourne.