Principal Product Manager- Auto Invest

Who are we? 💸

At Freetrade, we believe investing should be accessible to everyone. It’s one of the best ways to grow your savings but, for many, it seems complicated, expensive, and out of reach.

We’re here to change that.

We’re a technology company that brings simple investing to everyone. We’ve built a beautiful app to buy and sell shares and ETFs in a fluid, mobile-first experience.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve better, long-term financial outcomes, chipping away at one of the biggest issues of our generation: wealth inequality.

In 2022, we’re rolling out our app across the EU, transforming our product with new features and functionalities, and introducing new products. In the UK, we now have over 1.2m registered users, a team of over 300, offering a range of products like the Freetrade Pension, a stocks and shares ISA, and our premium account, Freetrade Plus. Our media brand, Freetrade Honey, offers daily insights alongside deep dives into the companies and trends that the new generation of investors care about most.

This has all been possible because of the backing of a passionate group of over 10,000 crowdfunding investors. As we’ve scaled, we’ve also raised money from world-class growth investors including Left Lane Capital, Molten Ventures, and L Catterton to supercharge our growth.

Autopilot from Freetrade 💡

Our aim at Freetrade is to help everyone take control of their money by getting started with investing, and growing their wealth over time by forming strong habits that help them navigate the fluctuations of the stock market.

Autopilot is automatic investing done the Freetrade way. Autopilot removes barriers and makes it easy to invest regularly in well-structured, balanced portfolios of stocks and ETFs. It will become a critical part of the Freetrade service.

As Product Manager for Autopilot you have a unique opportunity. You and your squad will be responsible for taking this critical product from zero to one. You will lead the product discovery process to design the product that meets customer needs and delivers the most business value. You will own the strategy and roadmap for the product, and will execute, delivering iterative value at pace.

You will work with neighbouring technology squads and stakeholders to bring the product to market, and will continue to own and optimize the performance post-launch, driving the north star metric of active Autopilot plans. You will drive growth and engagement through experiments and optimisation.

Your squad will own the technology behind Autopilot, working closely with owners of other microservices that must come together to provide automatic investing capabilities to our customers.

The high impact projects you will be championing 🏆

Autopilot is one of our most important products and a critical part of our company strategy. Forming part of our Engagement collective, you will lead a cross-functional squad to focus on outcomes such as:

*Designing the right regular, automatic investing product to meet the most customers needs, understanding our core segments, our existing technology, and how to deliver maximum business value
*Bringing to market a brand new, core product that forms a key part of the Freetrade app across all global markets in which we operate
*Continuing to optimize the product rapidly to drive more value and ensure Freetrade is the best place for clients to invest – whether experienced or first-timers

This is just a sample, but the roadmap is yours to create! As a PM you would be responsible for owning your product and driving the roadmap in support of your own goals, those of your users and those of the wider Freetrade business.

Skills that will help you succeed 🎓

As Principal Product Manager for the Vancouver Team, you’ll pair closely with your colleagues from Engineering, Design and Marketing to be responsible for continually driving the North Star metric for your product and supporting KPIs.

Here are some of the core skills and behaviours that will help you thrive at Freetrade:

*You’re a leader: you thrive leading a cross-functional squad, translating the roadmap into actionable tasks and stories, explaining the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ and supporting the squad to execute effectively and on time
*You’re technically-minded: You enjoy getting into the technical weeds of a complex system to solve the most complex problems, and can translate technical nuances to less technically-minded colleagues
*You communicate effectively: You build strong, empathetic stakeholder relationships with operational teams and other leaders across the business
*You’re data-orientated: You own your metrics, care deeply about the numbers, and use them to build and prioritise an ambitious roadmap and track outcomes against your goals, driving engagement and alignment with the KPIs
*You’re growth-obsessed: You work best when experimenting with quick ways to incrementally optimise a product for growth and retention, and can run simultaneous growth experiments, reporting outcomes and next-best-action regularly
*You’re an experienced product person: You have extensive experience in lean, agile development, hypothesis-driven experimentation, qualitative user research, designing to solve user problems
*You have a curious mind: You’re always looking to go deep and learn across discipline, product area and investment industry – anything to help make your product better

The process for transparency 🚀

We operate a four-step process, including a talk with our VP Product, Duncan Leslie, a take-home task, a product competency interview, and a values interview to round things off.

We are an Equal Opportunity employer committed to a diverse and representative team. Whatever your race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability – we want to hear from you. We’re very open about what we’re working on, and the best places to learn more are our buzzing community forum and our blog.