For more than 20 years Global Relay has set the standard and trends in compliant communications with our multi-award winning unified communications, data capture, and data analysis platform. We securely capture and manage the world’s communications data and give its owners greater control and visibility to drive value and ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of a large variety of industries and authorities.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits and all the other typical things you expect, but we are not your typical company. Global Relay is a career-making company. It is a place for big ideas, new challenges, and cutting-edge innovation. It is a place where you can make an impact.

Your Role:

As a DevOps/SRE engineer you will be responsible for the reliability and smooth operation of production and test environments and build automation to improve reliability and efficiency of code delivery from build to production.

At Global Relay we use leading edge technologies to deploy and manage 1000’s of servers and the infrastructure that delivers highly scalable and available services. The role involves cross-team collaboration and communication; you will be working closely with key stakeholders to ensure that product requirements are met. This is an opportunity to influence the design and implementation of systems at scales that many do not get a chance to work at.

Your Job:

Depending on your team’s needs and your skill-sets, your time will be split between

  • Automation: Developing tools & frameworks to enhance our CI (Continuous Integration) & CD (Continuous Delivery) automation using industry standard CI/CD practices
  • Operations: Monitor and ensure smooth operation of production and test environments by executing common sysadmin (system administration) tasks and automating repetitive tasks
  • Service Reliability: Occasionally provide support and initial troubleshooting when required by reviewing dashboards and logs to ensure system issues are timely addressed

About You:

  • 5+ years experience as a DevOps/SRE engineer or similar role
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Understanding of computer science fundamentals like threading, OOP and more
  • Understanding of software systems concepts such as networking, firewalls, protocols, databases and more
  • Understanding of software delivery practices such as Git branching models, configuration management, secret rotation, feature toggling, no-downtime deployment and more
  • Experience with: Windows and Nuget
  • Database fundamentals for Ms SQL and NoSql DB’s
  • Automation using PowerShell, Python or other similar scripting languages
  • Writing, reading and deciphering code in C# or other similar programming languages
  • CI/CD tools such as Jenkins or Bamboo
  • Infrastructure as Code tools such as Ansible
  • Containerization/Virtualization technology such as Docker, VMware or OpenShift Kubernetes
  • Load balancing tools such as HA-Proxy, Nginx or F5
  • Instrumentation & Monitoring tools such as: Splunk, Zabbix, or Prometheus
  • Experience with the following would be considered an asset:Linux (CentOS preferred)
  • Experience with any of these: Cassandra, Zookeeper, Hadoop, Kafka, or MongoDB
  • Experience leading or mentoring other engineers
  • Experience influencing the design and delivery of software in your organization

About Us:

At Global Relay there is no ceiling. This is the land of opportunity for the energetic, intelligent, and driven people that make this company great. The combination of the right people in the right positions and a rapidly growing company means unlimited career potential.

You will receive the mentoring, coaching, and support that you need to reach your personal and career goals. You’ll be part of a culture that promotes and rewards hard work and creativity and will grow into the new opportunities that are available to you.

To learn more about our business, culture, and community involvement, visit www.globalrelay.com.