Halliburton invites qualified candidates to apply for the Software Lead/Architect position. The Software Lead/Architect will leverage his/her strong software design and programming skills to provide technical leadership and build software solutions to address complex business needs.


  • Technical lead for software development project teams
  • Provide solution blueprints, build architectural framework, and develop real-time scientific software
  • Work with Product Management to interpret business requirements into technical specifications
  • Individual coding and can troubleshoot design and code bottlenecks, performing code reviews quickly and efficiently
  • Provides technical direction in area of specialty on major products.
  • Mentor, direct and monitor the work of other programming personnel across large scale development projects including involvement in design and milestone reviews.
  • Operate unsupervised and is called on to consult for the most complex design projects.
  • Assess and recommend tools, technical stack, and processes for optimal product delivery
  • Conceives, proposes, and sells new ideas and products in the engineering organization and guides their implementation to a final product.
  • Works on designs that span several groups or affect hardware decisions.

Required Education and Skills

  • BS in computer science or related STEM field
  • 7+ years experience leading AGILE teams
  • Fluency in several programming languages/technologies such as C++, C#, Python, XML, JSON, WCF, WPF, XAML with the ability to pick up new languages and technologies quickly
  • Experience developing software that directly interfaces with electrical devices (sending/receiving data, controlling electrical devices via software)
  • Strong knowledge developing real time multiple threaded applications
  • Proficiency with MVVM, MVC, OOO design patterns, SOLID design principles
  • Understanding of common DevOps, CICD processes and SDLC methodologies
  • Demonstrated teamwork, strong communication skills in complex engineering projects, involving mechanical and electrical engineers, acoustic and electromagnetic scientists

Desired Skills

  • MS, PhD in computer science or related STEM field
  • Strong C++ is preferred
  • Experience modernizing legacy software such as MATLAB applications
  • Understanding of EDGE devices and real-time acquisition applications – troubleshooting from firmware to the software application layers
  • Strong preference for prior experience building petrotechnical and real-time acquisition software in the O&G industry, especially wireline logging tools
  • Hands-on experience in designing and developing thin-client software
  • Experience with SOA architectural style, specifically in microservices development
  • HPC experience – Multi-threading, CUDA, Spark processing
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms such as Azure Docker containers, Kubernetes, DataBricks
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning frameworks and packages
  • Data modeling and database design experience
  • Node.js, Angular, React, protobuf, grpc, ASP.NET