Senior Cloud Developer

Honeywell Quantum Solutions is focused on developing the world’s most advanced quantum computers, with ‘full stack’ capability from user interface software to the hardware layer and trapped ions.  Our premier team of scientists and engineers leverages expertise in complex hardware and software control systems, advanced optics and lasers, magnetics, cryogenics, atomic physics, and ultra-high vacuum environments to design and build systems with best-in-class performance in terms of both fidelity and qubit count.  Honeywell believes quantum information systems will revolutionize the way many industries work.  As a leading technology company, we intend to help shape the adoption and integration of those systems into the markets of our customers.  We’re hiring the world’s best physicists and quantum engineers to make it happen.




•  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering

•  3-5 years of programming experience with multiple languages, including Python

•  Proven experience in complex technical programs

•  Experience with cloud software development, microservice architecture

•  Interest in working in a rapid prototyping environment

•  Due to US export control laws, must be a US citizen




•  Experience with Docker containers, Kubernetes container orchestration, OpenShift

•  Experience with cloud software deployment to Azure, AWS, on-premise environments

•  Experience relational and no-SQL databases, message queues, message brokers

•  Familiarity with web user interface frameworks including node.js, Angular, React

•  Experience with Linux and open source software

•  Ability to program in many computer languages including Python, C, Go, JavaScript

•  Familiarity with the Agile software development processes

•  Ability to work independently within a high talent team

•  Excellent written and oral communication skills

•  Self-Starter willing to learn and apply new software skills






Requisition Number: HRD49739