To develop its web applications in Javascript, Isogeo is looking for a nerd who would be open minded enough not only to work in a Microsoft shop but to enjoy it as well. In a very small team of developers that is destined to grow, you will be an essential part in the development of Isogeo, eager to:

  • maintaining and developing our existing applications.
  • imagining and implementing the interfaces of our new applications.
  • helping in the design of our platform and hopefully at some point in its developement (Sql Server, .NET; node.js, Javascript).
  • helping in the growth and the maturation of our company.

Skills and qualifications

About your mindset:

  • You are a crafts(wo)man: you are passionate about the quality of your work, even though you know that life sometimes has its way to force you to some compromises.
  • You like to keep on the edge of innovation, even though you leave their ideological wars to trolls (for or against NoSQL, SQL, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Microsoft, Linux…).
  • You like to be part of a team (if that was not clear already: we are not looking for cowboys or any other kinds of heros).

Required skills are:

  • A perfect grasp of the technologies involved in the development of web application: HTML, CSS and most of all Javascript.
  • A good knowledge of at least one front-end framework  (Bootstrap, Cascade, Unsemantic…).
  • A good understanding of at least one OOP language (C#, Java, C++…).
  • Some experience dealing with RESTful APIs in JSON.

Appreciated skills are:

  • A good understanding of server side Javascript technologies (node.js, ReuireJS, Backbone.js, Grunt…).
  • Any insight in web design or UX…
  • Some knowledge in the world of Geomatics

About Isogeo

Founded in 2009, Isogeo helps governement agencies as well as private businesses to better manage the geographic data, including its use and its distribution.