You rock!

To make this clear from the outset: if you have a good knowledge of frontend, backend or platform and are eager to get involved and to run riot technologically in our team, then we want you to contact us!

Of course, you want to know how and with what we are working.

Our tools

Currently we are working with Kotlin, Typescript, Vue.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Spring and AWS (among others, Lambda). But that always changes if it makes sense.

Are we on the same wavelength?

  • We understand the value of Software Craftsmanship, Clean Code, Test Driven Development and Dev-Ops. If you cannot do anything with these concepts, you’re probably wrong with us.
  • You feel most comfortable in a well-functioning team and try to do your part.
  • You like to think outside the box, are interested in new technologies and can quickly manage them.
  • Self-organized work is no problem for you.
  • Continuous learning is a given for you.
  • You contribute your expertise to advise customers strategically.
  • You measure the result of your work by your high quality standards. You are responsible for your own software and that of your team.

Does it suit you so far? Read on, it will get even better!

Your journey with us

  • We want you to feel comfortable. That’s why we offer you an environment that is fully geared towards you: with an excellently equipped workplace, trust-based working hours, sports facilities and plenty of flexibility.
  • As part of our “4+1” working time model, you will have time for personal development, for example for conferences and lectures, writing blog articles and classical development such as training and courses. Or you could work on open source projects to extend your skills.
  • After a while it will be normal for you to have a Feel-Good-Manager as well.
  • But that’s not why you’re here. Our customers and project partners have their problems – and we will solve them.
    Always improving, because we constantly develop ourselves and our field.

Don’t wait – do it!

You want to get to know us? You would like to demonstrate your ability to become an asset to the Hamburg team?
Then apply now!