We are Kavall & we give you fresh groceries on-demand. Delivering groceries in 10 minutes was up until recently unimaginable, but we believe that is how it should be, giving you what you want when you need it. By offering food of the highest quality from the producers you love, we transform the grocery industry through our own local stores, one at a time.

Founded in April 2021, it took us 5 weeks to build a fully functional MVP, launching a lightning-fast hyper-local grocery delivery service to customers in central Stockholm. Now with secured investments we need to grow our tech team with our first dedicated backend engineers for fast expansion to many more cities and countries, and evolve a first-class platform in all parts.

Our mobile app is built in Flutter, and underneath the hood sits a backend platform based on Node.js (Typescript), currently hosted in Google Firebase, that orchestrates, integrates and enriches several best-of-breed 3rd party solutions with our own business logic. Our tech team creates solutions and experiences for both our end Consumers (through APIs for the mobile app), as well as our Pickers, our fleet of Riders and other key business stakeholders.

What you will do (but not exclusively):

  • You will play a key role in evolving our backend strategy by driving architectural decisions and considering Buy vs Build options for solving various problems
  • You will naturally write a lot of great code – using Node.js/Typescript or other appropriate languages that we may decide on – both to power our Flutter app, as well as other internal applications
  • You will help out evaluating, integrating and using 3rd party solutions in the smartest ways possible, to avoid building everything from scratch.
  • You will work in an agile, cross-functional, remote-first team and contribute to how the team learns from mistakes and improves continuously to reach world-class performance
  • You will be one of the first engineers at a startup that is about to explode in growth and get to experience all the resulting joys and challenges


  • Effortless English
  • Strong grasp on CS fundamentals
  • 3+ years of commercial software development experience
  • Knowledge of multiple programming languages
  • Familiarity with Node.js
  • Affinity for unit testing
  • Experience building products from scratch
  • Be open to imperfection and feel ok to fail fast and move on

Bonus (nice-to-haves):

  • Familiarity with Firebase
  • Familiarity with Serverless architecture
  • Experience with deploying, monitoring, testing, and debugging