Become a part of something great at MeetingOne.

MeetingOne is a rapidly growing software development and services company focused on audio and web conferencing technology solutions.  Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, MeetingOne is a full-service audio and web conferencing, e-learning, event solution and consulting services provider. Since 1999, MeetingOne has enabled businesses and educational organizations around the world to communicate more effectively, using innovative virtual meeting and event technologies and services. More info at www.meetingone.com.

This position is a great opportunity to own the core technology stack that is vital to our growing company. Learn, develop, refactor and master the heart of our product portfolio that in turn achieves high velocity in driving value to our beloved clients. Demonstrate the skills and knowledge you collected over the years to help lead our development efforts to success.

As the Software Engineer, you will be reporting to the Software Development Manager. Your focus is on owning key layers in our technology. You will have the opportunity to imagine, create and deliver leading edge solutions that meet the needs of a rapidly expanding user base. You will have the ability to influence people and process to achieve this goal.

You will have the opportunity to mentor other developers, sharing your years of experience with tactics and strategies that lead to quality coding. With senior experience, you are a development team advocate. Ensuring the right tools are available and continuous training opportunities are available.

You will work closely with QA and Product to aid in the dependable release of value. You will be responsible for handling development related items escalated with respective core technology stack.

At the end of the day you love working on the most valuable technology the company owns. You strive at every opportunity to leverage bleeding techniques and technology to express your creative side. You enjoy having an impact on co-workers and the user community a-like.

What does success look like?

  • You exhibit creative problem solving to achieve effective results.
  • You prioritize action to drive achievements that delight.
  • You enjoy independence to define, direct, and/or perform critical thinking to resolve complex issues.

Qualifications/ Experience:

  • Experience with databases SQL and NoSQL
  • Deep knowledge of Node, JavaScript,
  • Experience with scaling backend of large-scale applications
  • Algorithms
  • Positive attitude
  • Curious, eager to learn, and colaborate


  • Experience with audio, video conferencing, WebRTC, SFU, MCU, WebAssembly
  • Experience with other languages e.g. C++, LUA
  • Experience with IM/Presence (XMPP, Other,…)
  • Experience with Docker, AWS
  • Telecommunications knowledge

Education OR equal work experience:

  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience
  • Preferred: Master’s degree