Data Engineer (m/f/d)

Data engineering is your passion and you love to make sure that data can be turned into valuable assets? You are keen on creating data products that enable teams and organisations to increase their productivity? You have solid experience in designing and maintaining data architectures? You have an engineering mindset and love to analyze complex datasets? You love to work in an agile environment and deliver in short iterations? If this sounds interesting to you, then it is YOU we need in our team!


That’s what it’s about:

  • Design, develop, optimize, and maintain data architecture
  • Design and maintain ingestion of multiple data sources
  • Analyze, manipulate, transform and process large and complex datasets
  • Enable training and running machine learning models
  • Building real-time data pipelines
  • Help our customers to become cloud-native and data-driven companies
  • Support your team with active knowledge transfer
  • Be part of and influence the introduction of new tools, methodologies and techniques
  • Work in an agile environment and cross functional team


This is you:

At heart you are a passionate team player, who respects the opinions of his colleagues, as:

  • You know how to be the best team player
  • You have an eye for details and ace in documenting your work
  • You base your decisions on metrics
  • You are very structured and you set the benchmark for quality
  • You are open for new technologies


This is your background:

  • You have at minimum 2 years experience as a Data Engineer
  • You have at minimum 3 years experience in either Python or Scala and SQL
  • You have a bachelor’s in Computer Science, Data Science, Data Engineering, or a relevant subject such as mathematics or physics
  • You have experience in semantic modeling of complex data landscapes and are familiar with concepts of Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Vault, Data Mart
  • You have a deep understanding of various data stores, both structured and unstructured, and their capabilities (i.e. distributed filesystems, SQL and noSQL data stores)
  • You know exactly how to structure data pipelines for reliability, scalability and optimal performance
  • You are comfortable working with analytics processing engines (i.e. Spark, Flink)
  • You have worked with many different storage formats and know when to use which (i.e. JSON, Parquet, ORC)
  • You speak fluent English (maybe even a bit German)


Maybe you already have a bit of experience in the following:

  • You have worked with one or more cloud technologies: Azure Synapse, Snowflake, AWS Athena, Google BigQuery
  • You have experience with building real-time data pipelines, by using some of the tools like: Azure Stream Analytics, Amazon Kinesis, Google Cloud Dataflow, Kafka, RabbitMQ


What we offer you:

At MobiLab you have the possibility to bring your creative mindset to production and pave the way for our customers to become a cloud native company.

You can enjoy a lot of freedom which allows you to codify the company culture and have a lasting ink at MobiLab. Our team is young, energetic, dynamic and international and we are glued together through the purposes of bringing our customers forward. Our open and respectful company culture with a mixed startup environment will make you feel at home and allows you to grow and expand your knowledge.

To make you feel completely supported we offer some perks besides exciting projects. Besides the job ticket for your region and the participation in a yearly conference of your choice, we have further employee benefits like a company pension scheme as well as support of child care expenses. Enjoy regular company events such as beer & wine evenings, as well as company BBQs to connect with your peers.

If you’re passionate about growing and learning from the complexities of Cloud Integration by searching for Engineering Perfection then become part of our MobiLab Team.


About MobiLab:

MobiLab is an engineering company and we are proud of our engineering origins. We build for our customers their future operational foundation and transform them into a cloud native company. We achieve this by focusing on cloud integration and operating across all its layers- from infrastructure to applications. Our customers come first and we optimize for their success. If you have a passion for engineering perfection, transforming companies to succeed, helping others grow and learn along the way, you will help us in keeping our promise towards our customer. MobiLab stands for PassionHumblenessOwnership Compassion!