Work With Us

We make and deliver delicious food.

We use technology to make that food easily accessible to as many people as possible.
Plus, we integrate social good into all aspects of our business.

We’re changing how people answer “what’s for dinner” with a vertically integrated food delivery company. From cooking the meals to engineering the app to delivering the food, we do it all.

Our small, first-in-class engineering team uses their passion for food and engineering to help make that vertical integration possible. From culinary purchasing, to delivery routes, to creating personalized menus, our engineers touch every aspect of our business.

What You’ll Do

  • As a software engineer, you’ll have a direct impact on the innovation of cutting-edge technologies that fundamentally change the way people eat
  • Architect efficient and reusable front-end and backend systems that drive complex web and mobile applications
  • Be part of a dynamic, nimble team that tackles any variety of cool things — software, hardware, and tools we haven’t imagined yet
  • Nerd out on more technologies than we can list here
  • Taste testing (we’re not kidding)

What You’ll Bring

  • Minimum 3 years of experience building web applications from end-to-end
  • Mastery of SQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS, and Ruby on Rails (or equivalent framework)
  • Working knowledge of all layers of the application stack from the OS to front-end
  • Experience with scaling and application performance strategies
  • Creative thinking and a desire to wear many hats

What You’ll Get

  • Competitive compensation packages and stock options
  • Food—lots and lots of food (it’s actually overwhelming)
  • Employee Discount Program (never worry about dinner again)
  • Open Vacation Policy
  • Health, dental and vision benefits
  • Bike-friendly location from Caltrain or BART