*this is for a Co-Founder position with no salary but significant equity (10-25%)

neighborr – www.neighborrapp.com

Why Us:

Unique Problem & Solution

Fewer and fewer startups today are out to truly change how we live. Don’t work for another subscription delivery or crypto company. We’re tackling the problem of social isolation using private communities, which provides a number of interesting software challenges. We promise, you will never be bored.

Cutting-edge Stack

It’s easy to settle into the rabbit whole of the generic Rails monolith. We’re on a very modern stack consisting of Serverless microservices. If you’re bored or want to be on the cutting edge come join us.


– Understand the distinction between a Designer and an Engineer. Though, you can operate as the former, you consider yourself the latter

– Value strong engineering principles over adopting the latest client-side framework
– Are opinionated about which CSS layout pattern to implement and think Bootstrap is a bloated lib
– Could modularize your entire UI into reusable component libraries if you wanted to
– Have a specialty, but aren’t afraid to be constantly be out of your comfort zone
– Let your work speak for itself, but aren’t afraid to take criticism.
– Highlight unforeseen problems, but always offer solutions
– Are collaborative in-nature, but mature enough to work independently

What You Will Work On

Help build a Web version of neighborr in React as well as our Admin portal. The vast majority of the Back End and infrastructure is setup, so you can be productive from day one on features that matter. Access to building communities via our app is completely private to residents, which provides a host of interesting problems to solve across disciplines like UX, security, and automation.

As an early-stage teammate, you will have a lot of input on our codebase, infrastructure and culture. Ever thought you could do something better than your manager? Join us as a leader and come prove it.


– 1-5 years of Front End Web experience
– React experience


– Design skills
– React Native
– Unit / E2E Testing
– SOA and/or Serverless
– Ad Platform experience
– E-Commerce experience