As our new Senior Infrastructure Engineer you’ll lead and organize a (growing) team of 4 infrastructure engineers that designs, builds and operates the Nerdalize Cloud systems that together form our distributed datacenter*. These systems include our Fiber-to-the-Home network, data storage, Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines, reliability monitoring system and more.


You’ll closely cooperate with other teams like:

Together with the founders and our senior system architects you’ll determine strategic technology choices that will shape the future of Nerdalize
Product Development – which builds our cloud products. You’ll help design the architecture of our tech stack.
Hardware R&D – which designs and builds our super efficient server-heating systems: the Nerdalize CloudBox*. You’ll help design the control, monitoring and security systems for the CloudBox.
Operations – which is responsible for the physical production and rollout of the CloudBox*. You’ll help expand our FttH network and monitor the CloudBox performance in the field.

*Distributed datacenter? Say what?! Yes, at Nerdalize we’re dead serious about building the cloud one house at the time. By placing our servers in homes instead of in a datacenter, we can efficiently reuse the excess heat to heat up tap water. Check out this video to learn more. Or just fiddle about with our cloud platform yourself!


Skills & experience you’ll be adding to the team

you have led a team (3-10 people) of highly and diversely skilled nerds
you have demonstrated experience operating large, complicated, highly available computing systems
you have experience with and understanding of any or all of the following:information security
server hardware
large scale storage systems
large scale computer networks (fiber, IPv4, IPv6)
virtual machines (CloudStack/VMWare or others)
containerization technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)
You rock at

Taking initiative. Go in head first and come up with new plans.
Keeping an open mind. A new perspective, failing miserably? It’s all a learning experience for you.
Working together with others is deeply engrained in your DNA. Getting away from your screen from time to time keeps
you happy and productive.
Providing direction to your team and advising other teams or founders on the way forward regarding the Nerdalize infrastructure
Motivating your team, help them in their development as highly skilled professionals and with personal growth.
Nerdalize Interface

Impact and responsibility from day 0. You’ll be building the foundation of our stack.
A high performance team where cutting edge technology is the name of the game.
No network bubble here. Together we are a full stack team and we’re always looking to understand what the rest of the team is doing.
Weekly demo time to show the whole team what crazy stuff you’re working on. In return you get a cold beer, meaningful feedback and some well deserved praise.
Champagne to celebrate success together
Fun teammates for weird lunch discussions, team days, drinks, parties, and more.
A workplace at YES!Delft, Europe’s biggest high-tech incubator.
Nerdalize Internal Protocols

We give credit where credit is due and ask for help when we need it.
We share our ideas, speak up for what we believe in, and survive arguments.
We trust our colleagues and customers and actively seek to understand them.
We are willing and eager to learn from each other.
We are passionate about what we work on and take pride in what we develop.
We are self-starters who thrive on autonomy, and perceive “chaos” as an opportunity to shine

About Nerdalize

A fast cloud for the next generation
Nerdalize is building a different cloud. Instead of constructing huge datacenters, we're distributing our servers over homes. Homeowners use the residual heat for hot showers and to warm their house, and we don't need to build new infrastructure. Enabling you to scale up your computations without wasting CO2 and money.

At Nerdalize, we are working hard on a sustainable alternative to current cloud solutions. Current datacenters are huge energy wasters. Combined, datacenters use up more electricity than India and generate more CO2 emissions than the airline industry.

One reason the industry is so energy intensive is that 40% of its total energy consumption on cooling to get rid of this heat. What a waste!

Nerdalize avoids the datacenter entirely by placing these heat producing servers as aided heating systems in homes. Not only do we avoid the cost and CO2 emissions of building a datacenter this way. This innovative set-up also drastically reduces the household’s gas consumption whilst slashing the energy originally needed for server cooling. Adding all those free hot showers, avoided server cooling and building emissions up, we can save up to 3 tonnes of CO2 per household per year!