Position Summary
Nuxeo is looking for a new DevOps to join the development team working on building a SaaS infrastructure for deploying Nuxeo Platform based applications.
Primary Responsibilities
You will work with a team of high-end geeks developing a SaaS infrastructure for providing a software factory as well as a deployment platform.
Your role will be to help the team get everything automatically packaged, deployed, and tested in an efficient and reproducible way.
At Nuxeo, QA/CI and continuous deployment are not new. We’ve been doing this for a while so we have experts on these topics, however the software (and the team of developers) is growing continuously and the SaaS infrastructure is becoming a sub project by itself; we need more bandwidth.
This position will be more focused on the SaaS requirements, but you will have a lot of interaction with other development teams as well as other DevOps. We’re OpenSource, so your ideas and inputs will always be welcomed.
The target environment includes:

  • Java Stuff: Junit, WebDriver, Maven, Jenkins, etc.
  • HTML5/JS Stuff: Grunt, Bower, YeoMan, Travis.io, etc.
  • AWS Stuff: EC2, RDS, CloudFormation, Ansible, etc.
  • Docker Stuff: Docker, CoreOS, Fleet, quay.io, etc.
  • Some Go based internal tools
  • Linux boxes

Required Skills
You should be fluent in at least one coding language and one scripting language.
You must be familiar with Cloud related technologies.
Real experience in QA / CI process is also important.
You should also be willing to fill your brain with a lot of new tools and technologies with quick iteration cycles.
Preferred Skills
Your application gets bonus points when:

  • You have an active GitHub account that you can share
  • You have strong experience in several of the technologies listed above
  • You have real life experience with building and deploying a large cluster in the cloud


At Nuxeo, we are passionate about creativity, community and quality. If we had to choose a motto that best describes the Nuxeo team it would be: “You're not a geek, just normal at Nuxeo”. We hire talented people who are innovative in their approach to designing, creating and supporting the best content management platform available. It’s about commitment, innovation, and a desire to create a platform that enables our customers to build great business solutions. We work in teams of 3-5 persons punctuated by 2-3 weeks iterations, and have a lot of fun doing it.