About You

  • Self-­starting problem solver, effective communicator, and thriving collaborator.
  • Exceptional organizational and problem solving skills who are highly technical in intuitive design and work well in a fast-paced environment.
  • I totally geek out at the ability to shape best practices and mentor team members.
  • The desire to continue learning and the ability to throw in a good joke or two.

About Us – OnPrem and The Innovation and Development Center ­ IDC
OnPrem Solution Partners is a consulting and technology firm that is helping Hollywood come into the digital age by automating their content management and content delivery from photo shoots to movie theaters and consumer facing sites like iTunes, Hulu and Netflix.

Our consultants are On Premise in LA and NYC with our development team in Austin, TX. At the Innovation and Development Center (IDC) we build custom software applications that support our clients needs and business objectives. Our highly collaborative team works in an agile environment with with direct access to our clients and partners.

Job Summary
We’re expanding our Engineering team and seeking an innovative and thoughtful Architect to join us in Austin. You’d work directly with leadership to contribute to the creation of engineering policies, assist in scoping out technical project proposals, present solutions to clients as well as the OnPrem team members, and shape the kind of technologies that we are going to be using. You’d also be an active part in the design and coding of software.

Join us (Requirements)

  • At least 12-15 years in software development, including working in teams
  • Responsible for translating business requirements into systems qualities and thence into repeatable design strategies and patterns that enable those qualities (e.g. adaptability, scalability, availability, non-repudiation, reusability, etc.)
  • Responsible for enterprise application integration (EAI).  This includes defining the opportunities for integration, selecting the tools, specifying the shared data & code resources, defining the interfaces and data-flows, and monitoring the success of said integration.
  • Compiles or designs architectural models of current and proposed systems across the enterprise for use internally and in conjunction with Technology Partners.
  • Experience with Agile methodologies as well as implementing and leveraging Atlassian tool suite (or like tool suite) for defect management, issues management, code check-in and deployment, and collaboration
  • Experience in Java and Open Source technologies
  • Experience with Service Oriented Architecture concepts and products
  • Experience constructing systems by composing smaller components.

The breadth could include:

  • SOA
  • REST
  • Microservices
  • Functional Programming
  • Experience managing data.

The breadth could include:

  • design of database schema
  • read/write design trade-off decisions
  • use of NoSQL stores for appropriate use cases
  • design of transaction boundaries
  • systems that trade-off mutable state vs. immutable facts
  • Experience in deploying and leveraging software development best practices

Please contact [email protected] for questions!