We are looking for software engineers that have exceptional JavaScript skills. The ideal candidate has working experience with modular Javascript, can write pure JS code without relying on third party libraries and is up to date with the latest JS advancements, e.g. ES6, Background Workers, Web Sockets, etc.


At Overpass, you’ll be part of an amazing development team, focused on building a quality product. We are building a communications platform from the ground up. If you want to be challenged, work on the latest technologies and have a great time doing it, this is the place for you.


Skills & Requirements:

Minimum 6 years working experience with complex JavaScript codebases

Working experience with NodeJS

Experience with Aurelia is a strong plus

Exposure to build & process tools like Grunt, Gulp, Node, NPM, etc.

Strong understanding of database development

Exposure to NoSQL databases is a plus, particularly Couchbase

Ability to create clean, sharp and responsive layouts from designs with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript is a strong plus


Bonus Skills:

Experience with VOIP technologies

Experience with WebRTC


Perks & Considerations:

We care for our employees like we care for our consumers and, like our consumers, we want our employees to say, “I love Overpass!” Here are some considerations and a list of perks you’ll want to keep in mind:


·         Our culture and environment promotes personal and professional growth

·         We value teamwork and collaboration

·         Work on the latest technologies, think Big Data, Machine Learning, etc.

·         We give you access to Pluralsight and other resources to help you grow in your craft

·         We’ll provide you with awesome hardware

·         Sit/Stand Desks

·         Our kitchen is stocked with lots of snacks and food

·         You’ll work in a newly renovated and designed office space

·         We have a lounge area to rest your head or kick back when you need it

·         Casual & relaxed work environment

·         We offer a competitive salary

·         Flexible vacation days

·         We have two locations: Newark, NJ (20 minute commute from the Manhattan) & Brooklyn, NY


About Us:

We are a communications startup with offices in Newark, NJ and Brooklyn, NY. Our initial offering enables businesses to create and supervise calling campaigns for customer outreach. Companies can invite agents and start making calls in minutes. Right now, our platform is in beta and is being used and tested by a select group of customers. ​


Our Team & Culture:

Our team consists of successful Developers, Designers, Product and Business Development pros all working towards the same goal; enhance the experience of companies and workers, helping them achieve success through web-based communications.


We’re fortunate to have a team with a wealth of experience in both business and consumer based products. We know what it takes to truly make a difference in this space and we’re getting ready to show it to the world. ​ ​


Each team member is unique and brings their own contributions to the table. We value work-life balance, career growth, personal growth, and being at the forefront of technology, design and business. We’re looking forward to our public launch and having you join our team!


Job Type: Full-time / Permanent