Senior Developer – R&D Core Systems

The Company:

Here at Rakuten Kobo Inc. we offer a casual working start-up environment and a group of friendly and talented individuals. Our employees rank us highly in terms of commitment to work / life balance. We realize that for our people to be innovative, creative and passionate they need to have healthy minds and bodies. With that in mind, we offer one of the best group benefits plans as well as gym discounts and a personal fitness budget. We hold an annual Wellness Day, host Lunch and Learns to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide fresh fruit daily and other healthy snacks. Teams love our Pooch program and say “dogs in the office make everything better”

Booklovers are thrilled to see that we offer employees a free device upon joining. We encourage reading time as well as host frequent Lunch and Learn Author Series.

We believe in rewarding all our employees with competitive salaries, performance based annual bonuses, stock options and training opportunities.  For our growing Kobo families, we offer a maternity/paternity leave top up, as well as time off for the non-child bearing parent.

The Role:

We’re a team that embraces continuous improvement, has a drive to own the products we create and observe how they live and breathe in front of real users. We merge development and QA harmoniously and we use peer reviews to learn new things from each other. We embrace agility and focus on delivering improvements to our customers continuously.

Rakuten Kobo is a small company, but there are no small jobs here. Everyone contributes to shaping the product design and featureset. We all chip in to refactor and improve our technology. Ideas are welcome, and owning great ideas all the way to realization is what sets our teams apart. We listen to our customers in real time, and we’re incredibly fortunate to work on a product that we ourselves and our families can enjoy and be proud of.

The Person:

You’re an experienced and enthusiastic web developer who makes browsers bend to your will and you are equally adept at coaxing the most out of the servers and cloud. You’re more than just full-stack because you know how to apply technology with an attention to detail that you can be proud of. You’re looking for a place on a team that will invest in you to achieve mastery in your craft.

The Skillset:


– Deep knowledge of the web. Be able to tell us the technical differences between HTTP and HTTPS, and enlighten us on the specifics of the HTTP verbs. Maybe even describe the intricacies of cross origin resource sharing or Open Authentication.
– Demonstrable experience with web front end technologies (HTML, Javascript, CSS and surrounding toolsets).
– Demonstrable experience with server side web technologies (specifically ASP.NET MVC, Web API. NodeJS may be a bonus).
– Demonstrable experience with server side application tier technologies and data storage (specifically WCF, Memcache, Couchbase, SOLR, SQL Server, nHibernate).
– Ability to explain to us why SOLID principles are important and how you can apply specific design patterns while still making the code beautiful.
– Ability to review and debug code, spot issues, and work collaboratively to improve the codebase and the level of expertise within the team.
– Oh, and the ability to write testable and observable code while dealing effortlessly with the complexities of git is kinda important too.

Nice to Haves:

– Your feedback and opinion on Kobo’s products and services. You’ve downloaded our app and read your favourite book already, right?
– Links to open source projects you’ve contributed to
– Links to communities you’ve participated in and helped
– Links to live web sites or applications you’ve contributed to
– Demonstrable skills in web performance engineering and web security tactics.
– Experience wielding development tool chains that facilitate quick feedback cycles and continuous integration and delivery.

More Info:

We are also hiring for the following roles:

– Senior DevOps Engineer
– Intermediate DevOps Engineer
– Senior Data Analyst
– Big Data Engineer
– Data architect
…And more! Check out our jobs page for all our open roles https://talent.rakuten.careers/kobo


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