Announcing a new position at Rodinia Generation for a Front End Developer to join our fast-growing team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing the front end of the Rodinia platform that enables the day-to-day operation of our patent-pending micro-factory.


About Rodinia

  • We are an awarded, innovative, and fully funded fashion tech start-up founded in 2018.
  • Since November 2021 we have partnered with an international market-leader on accelerating the development of the world’s first system for local, automated, and just-in-time clothing production. We call that system a Micro-factory and thought it is roughly the size of a shipping container we managed to fit one into our offices in Nordvest, Copenhagen.
  • In-house we are building the software platform that automate and enable our micro-factory to produce clothes ultra-fast and with a minimal environmental footprint.
  • In daily operations we interact with our pilot customers: fashion brands and designers who want sustainable, on-demand production of clothes.
  • Our micro-factory consists of state-of-the-art digital hardware such as an industrial ink-jet textile printer, IoT devices, digital cutting machine and robotics.
  • The current fashion industry is outdated: still using equipment invented before the internet with devastating consequences for people & planet: 30% of all clothes produced each year is overproduction. ~8% of global CO2 emissions. Our goal at Rodinia Generation is to change the way we make clothes.

Working at Rodinia

Our patent-pending micro-factory is located inside our office space, and we run a very tight loop between idea and execution.
Work is very pragmatic here. You will need to be hands-on.
You will be part of an in-house dedicated software team incl. back-end, front-end, architect and data scientists led by our Head of Software & Development.
Other than your fellow software-team mates, you will be working with the rest of the Rodinia-team: fashion design, operation and automation to ensure software that is aligned with the needs of daily operations with pilot customers.


Your responsibilities

Develop the front end that enables the day-to-day operation of the micro-factory.

Your qualifications

  • Min. 2 years of practical experience with front end development for web applications
  • Min. Bachelor’s degree in computer science or other relevant field of competence
  • Expert in JavaScript through experience and/or frameworks like vue.js or React (current stack: SvelteKit and JavaScript)
  • Python knowledge and/or interest

Your personality:

  • A problem-solving mindset: you take active initiative and own your decisions.
  • A passion for UX/UI


Do you want to work with dedicated people for a goal that matters – then send us:

  • CV
  • Short motivation letter explaining why you want to join our adventure
  • Proof of competence (degree/certifications/experience/projects)