Scigilian Software Inc. is a supplier of innovative solutions which solve multiple challenges faced by scientists in pharmaceutical drug discovery, especially in the areas of experimental results analysis, experimental results communication, and collaboration. Our goal is to unify all aspects of scientific discovery into a single ecosystem of tools which are then used by an entire network of collaborators and partners to discover new medicines. Our work touches upon many aspects of system design, such as distributed systems, large-scale systems, security, and graphical user-interfaces.

The candidate for this position would become part of a small team working in a dynamic environment. We’re looking for a multi-talented software developer who is tenacious and ready to solve complex problems and who is dedicated to making a notable difference in human health.

You would directly participate in the development and enhancement of our new generation of cloud-based systems, taking part in a team effort and having a direct impact on the success of the company. Whether your work involves designing and developing new techniques for analyzing millions of data points, automating decisions around molecular candidates, or improving the visualization of scientific results, your solutions would be used for some of the most important health challenges of our time.

We’re looking for individuals with a strong understanding of object-oriented languages, such as Java, C++, or C#, for back-end work. These candidates should also exhibit a strong understanding of Javascript and/or Typescript, CSS, and HTML, for front-end work. Experience with Angular is recommended.

If you would enjoy working for a growing company, doing work that’s meaningful and important, and solving interesting and challenging problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.